January 17, 2013

First Thing in the Morning!

Happy Thursday from Heaven!

I hope you are all doing a little something for your own health and vitality each day.

Yesterday, I was very busy with business objectives and trying to finish unpacking amidst it all. I needed to be outside in nature instead of in the gym so I went out and began creating some rock art to decorate the property and give it a little personal touch.

Here’s my first rock stack at my new office location. I put this one at the entry way to the house area and built another one on top of another large rock across the drive way to match it.

When I build new stacks, sometimes I pour water on them, particularly if the sun is out or the wind is blowing. The water creates a conductor for electromagnetic energy (and many other forms of subtle energy). When the sun or wind begin to evaporate the water, energy is created and it permeates the area.

I love the feeling created inside myself. This is one way to feel “Spirit” moving. As we learn to relax ourselves and access the potential of our feeling nature, we are often surprised at how vast life is, and how Consciousness permeates everything.

Here you can see the beautiful view from my drive way. The lake below me is beautiful to look at and has a lovely calming effect on my psyche. I’ve always loved water and sun together and it’s quite a blessing to be next to a lake because out here, I’m half in the desert and half in the mountains so-to-speak. It can get very hot and dry so having a small lake next to me balances the yang energy of the sun and desert.


First thing in the morning represents springtime in the seasonal cycle. The seasonal cycle and correlated energetic expressions are expressed within each 24-hour period as follows:

Morning = Spring = Planning and preparing

Noon = Summer = Taking action

Afternoon/Evening = Fall = Completion and celebration

Night = Winter = Rest and regeneration

When we wake up in the morning, we have just gone through approximately eight hours of fasting, significantly decreased mental-emotional activity, spine and joint decompression, accelerated immune activity. During this period of unconsciousness, breathing, heart rhythm, and digestive/eliminative rhythms should all be restored to harmony.

If we are living a balanced lifestyle, we are aware of what it takes to eat well, move well, and be health. This doesn’t mean that such people don’t experience stressful days, participate in long and/or challenging projects and relationships.

It simply means that the person living a balanced lifestyle has developed effective self-management strategies; they are aware of, and take responsibility for intelligently counterbalancing their stressors with functional means, such as movement, hydration, mental self management (learning when to say “no”), etc.

First thing in the morning is a very good time to pay attention to several key indicators that inform you of your bodies energy balance and readiness. Here are a few you can begin monitoring to improve your vitality:

Your Eyes: Upon awakening, we are coming out of a dream-state; a period of low metabolic activity, akin to a state of hibernation. Each person comes out of that state at their own natural pace. In general though, the healthier someone is, the more likely they are to wake up feeling motivated to get into their day.

By the time you wash your face and look at yourself in the mirror, your eyes should be clear. Your face should look fresh and your skin should look it’s best; it has just had a healing rest.

Here are some symptoms of imbalance revealed by the eyes:

1. Puffiness under the eye is an indicator that your hormonal system is not well regulated. This most commonly results from eating too much food, particularly too much sugars or carbohydrates for your needs.

This can also result from not eating enough for your body-mind needs, for either imbalance results in the elevation of stress hormones. The release of cortisol in response to eating incorrectly for your needs triggers an awakening response, and often occurs due to blood sugar imbalances.

Eating incorrectly before bed is almost a guarantee that your body will be stressed at night and will not effectively enter into deep, dreamless sleep. If this doesn’t occur, you have no period where your physiology isn’t being influenced and directed by your mind-state. This comes at a cost.

Any of the above situations of imbalance result in increased heat in the body, which often results in sweating in bed. The thermoregulatory system of the body is very consumptive of our energy. With high heat at night in bed, and a body-mind that acts like it’s still awake (unconsciously), you cannot possibly repair what was stressed in the spring, summer and fall phases of your day.

Kidney stress will also cause puffiness under the eyes. Most of the kidney stress I see comes from lack of sleep and the over consumption of foodstuffs that the body can’t digest, metabolize, assimilate and eliminate effectively. People with food intolerances typically display the functional signs of kidney stress, one of which is puffiness under the eyes.

2. Dark rings or “raccoon” eyes are a functional indicator of liver stress.

3. Dull or dirty looking whites of the eye is also a functional indicator of liver stress.

These symptoms often indicate that the person’s body is incapable of clearing toxins. These symptoms are commonly correlated with what may be referred to as dirty blood; blood that is typically poorly oxygenated and is laden with toxins, waste, and often parasites.

You commonly see this look after a night of drinking, smoking more of anything than your body can process, or being in toxic environments, such as near burning garbage or buildings (firemen).

4. Dry eyes is a common indicator of both dehydration, and excessive activity in the sympathetic, or fight, flight, or freeze nervous system.

All these symptoms are very common. It makes me sad to have witnessed them occurring in younger and younger people over the span of my career. I now regularly see infants with all these symptoms, and many more I only see in adults.

All these issues can be addressed directly by studying my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

For the lay person, or professional wanting more specific guidance that enhances and expands on the information in my book, I suggest ordering my new Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials DVD series. It will be available January 24th with a live Q&A with me. We are just testing the duplications now. In the mean time, you can sign up for notification and receive my free report on Healing From Fungal and Parasite Infections for FREE, by clicking this link: https://www.chekinstitute.com/parasites/

I hope you have a beautiful day and that you wake up with beautiful bright eyes tomorrow! If not, at least you know where to find practical solutions.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek