May 26, 2015

Abdominal Tone Essentials

Happy Tuesday to you!

I hope you enjoyed some creativity, play, and rest this weekend. For many of you, today is a holiday in the US: Memorial Day honoring our military and their families, so hopefully it is a “Holy day” for you in some special way.

In my blog today, I share a video blog on Abdominal Tone Essentials. Then, I’ll share some success stories from athletes using the CHEK approach to conditioning and living, and finally, I’ll share some highlights of my life.

Abdominal Tone Essentials

Abdominal Tone Essentials Blk Bd

My video blog today looks into the seldom discussed or taught essentials of effectively regulating abdominal tone.

I begin by sharing which of my currently existing resources have more of this kind of useful, practical education so you can look deeper if you desire more specific knowledge on functional exercise.

I start our training by discussing the natural breathing cycle, and show you how important the regulation of abdominal tone is for optimal breathing.

In this section, I give a basic yin-yang (tai-chi) explanation of the breathing process and how that relates to the regulation of abdominal tone.

Many of the abdominal wall disorders that lead to excessive tone are the byproducts of fashion, marketing, masquerading as a tough guy/gal, emulating (TV) hero’s, and fear; emotional armoring.

I then explain the importance of abdominal tone and breathing as it relates to organ (visceral) functions and circulatory functions. These concepts are seldom discussed, but are very essential to having a healthy body-mind.

I finish my vlog presentation by explain static and dynamic posture, and how the abdominal wall functions as a key regulator of static and dynamic postural functions.

When it comes to the challenge of perpetually keeping the abs tight to “look good”, I encourage you all to ask the key question, “Who am I?

When we really look deeply into this question, and then look at video of ourselves and how we hold our posture (and abdominals), we often see someone different that who we really are.

When we really love and know ourselves, we don’t have to pretend to be someone other than who we are.

When we have the inner security of knowing ourselves, we also don’t need to pretend to be slimmer or stronger, or more or less beautiful than we really are.

Some people are so busy juggling personas that they actually forget who they are, and go from one emotionally armored costume to another each day until it finally starts causing them health problems….

Celebrate your amazing individuality, and enjoy breathing fully and letting your belly relax and the whole world can look and feel different to you…a lot less fearful.

1. How To Eat Move & Be Healthy! – Book
2. Scientific Core Conditioning – Online or Correspondence Course
3. Scientific Back Training – Online or Correspondence Course

CHEK Success Stories

It is common for the CHEK Institute and I to get success stories emailed to us by individuals and students in the CHEK Advanced training programs or their clients sharing their appreciations.

I really love reading about successes with the CHEK method because I know that people getting healthy that way are not only getting healthy and performing well, but are supporting Mother Earth in the process.

Though I can’t possibly share all the success stories we get, from time to time, I do like to share some recent ones where I can fit them in.

Today is one of those special show-n-tell days:


Bowen Ballis is a rising star in Jr. golf. At only eight years of age, his CHEK Practitioner Chris Hills (HLC2, CP2, Golf Performance Specialist), President of Core Fitness in The Woodlands, TX. has done an amazing job getting Bowen in top shape!

This is what Chris had to say:

I have been training Bowen Ballis and Jack Usner the past 5 months using the CHEK principles that I have been trained in via the Golf Biomechanic and CHEK Practitioner certifications.

For their assessment, I primarily used the bio-motor profile and movement pattern tests to determine which abilities to focus most on. The boys’ training in the first few weeks had a heavy focus on neuromuscular coordination, core development and integration, and primal pattern mastery coupled with increasing reps and time under tension as they adapted.

By focusing on improving their neuromuscular development it has allowed us to lay a great base for them to progress faster from a muscular standpoint once they progress in age.

They have since improved quickly to more challenging exercises on the ball, Bosu, and dyna-discs. I have also incorporated light weights, TRX exercises, and speed, agility, and quickness drills to their programming.

Over the past few weeks the boys have been hitting the ball farther and more consistently resulting in lower scores in tournament play. Both of the boys’ dads are pleased with the progress the boys are demonstrating.

Their improved play has also gotten the attention of the parents of their peers, and we now have Daniel Zou joining them as well. It is awesome to see how far they have come in their mastery of their movements and the boys really enjoy coming into Core Fitness to train.

Great job Chris and Bowen!!

Ben Donachie

Ben Donachie is an Exercise Coach, CP1, Golf Performance Specialist and is 1st Team Strength Coach at AFC Bournemouth (soccer). AFC Bournemouth (a small club) won the League Championship gaining them promotion to The English Premier League, the richest and most highly regarded league in the world.

Well done Ben!


TJ Toles is the son of CHEK Instructor, Tomi Toles. TJ is an amazing high school wrestler and sprinter. I’ve enjoyed watching TJ grow up over the many years he’s been tagging along with his dad at my workshops and advanced trainings.


TJ is a lovely young man with a beautiful, spiritually grounded presence and I’m excited to watch him grow as a young man and natural athlete.

Great Job TJ and Tomi (and mom!).

Home Gardening

Penny Home garden 1
Here you can see my amazing wife, Penny out in our back yard getting ready for this years garden crop. She’s replanted one seed bed and is building another and we will again use our own homemade compost.

Penny Home Garden 2

You’d be amazed how much food can come from just one of these little garden beds! Why go to the store when you can grow great, organic food easily at home and really teach your kids something meaningful about life!

Thanks for all your love and gardening Penny! I love you and your food!!

Have a great week!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek