August 24, 2022

Your Relationship With Cannabis With Ryan Sprague

Your Relationship With Cannabis With Ryan SpragueRecently, I shared the wisdom of Ryan Sprague, one of many thousands of Holistic Lifestyle Coaches I’ve taught, who teaches people how to have a conscious and beneficial relationship with cannabis.

Every relationship — even one with cannabis — has a beginning. For some of you, that relationship is strictly a recreational one and that’s perfectly fine, so long as you’re doing it safely and smartly.

In my latest blog/vlog, I want to share Ryan’s very different and important journey to cannabis that happened to coincide with a crisis of mortality at age 18, and how he discussed it with his father.

That conversation began a path in which Ryan’s relationship with cannabis became much deeper and far more personal, leading him to help others find their way by being a co-developer of the popular Connect with Cannabis course.


Even at a young age, Ryan has developed into a very wise elder. Our world desperately needs more people like Ryan, especially today…

Love and chi,