August 18, 2022

What is Nonviolent Communication with Wayland Myers

What is Nonviolent Communication with Wayland MyersGood Thursday to you all!

In the videos I share on my blog and YouTube from more than 200 episodes of my Living 4D podcast, you’ll often see my guests sitting at a table in front of one of the bookshelves that’s part of my HUGE library.

One of the smallest books in my library — Nonviolent Communication: The Basics As I Know and Use Them — clocks in at 91 pages, but it’s full of wisdom and useful strategies that can help you improve your communication skills when it comes to discussing hard subjects.

The goal of nonviolent communication, a subject I preach constantly to my CHEK Academy students, is to be mindful and deliberate in the ways we talk to others so that we can create more connection, awareness and trust even when the conversations are tough.

Recently, I sat down with Wayland Myers, the author of this amazing book for a Living 4D conversation to discuss how nonviolent communication is a great tool to help you build more honest and productive relationships with anyone from your boss to your family.

In this blog/vlog, Wayland and I talk about the basics of nonviolent communication and an example of how it works in the real world when you’re talking to someone whose ideas are the polar opposites of your own.


If this excerpt from my conversation with Wayland makes you curious to learn more about nonviolent communication and how it works, I hope you’ll check out our entire Living 4D discussion and pick up a copy of his book!

Love and chi,