July 27, 2022

Your Cannabis Education with Ryan Sprague

Your Cannabis Education with Ryan SpragueHappy Thursday everyone!

Most of you know my feelings about plant medicines, especially cannabis: Do it safely and smartly and ask for help when you need it. (My course on The Healing Herb is a good introduction to cannabis.)

About a year ago, Dr. Cliff Oliver and I discussed the many reasons for following “best practices” when using plant medicines that fall under the category of unintended consequences.

That kind of intelligent caution comes in very handy especially with cannabis. Despite its growing popularity, most people lack the education to use it properly, according to my recent Living 4D guest Ryan Sprague.

Depending on where you live, you can purchase cannabis with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels as high as 36 percent. Consuming that much THC would be like mainlining speed, and amount to nothing more than a dick-measuring contest.

In this blog/vlog, Ryan and I talk about some of the very important therapeutic uses for cannabis that can help you better handle your emotions and even open up your creativity.

If you want to learn more about Ryan’s work, I recommend checking out his Highly Optimized podcast and his Connect With Cannabis website.

Love and chi,