July 13, 2023

Working In For Athletes

Working In For AthletesDid you know it’s been 15 YEARS since the first time I filmed a video for my blog about the concepts of working and working out?

Fortunately, even with the many life changes surrounding me (two wives, two small kids and a Rainbow House but still no more hair), the principles of working in — the subject of this blog/vlog — remain very much the same.

I want to show you how to use the principles I developed for working in the gym, not only as a meditation or a source of life force energy cultivation, but as a way to harmonize and energize your body, plus get ready for a workout.

Part of my reasoning for this reminder about working in: People push themselves so hard just to get to the gym that they’re just going through the motions and don’t even belong there. That poor decision can be hurtful and harmful to them in so many ways…

Remember my general rule: If you can’t improve on your last workout by 1-3 percent, you don’t belong in a gym! If you’re training tired, your form suffers greatly! Your body always remembers the last couple of reps you made, which are the ones with the worst form, so if you’re pushing through a workout, you’re not doing your body any favors.

I’ll show you how the working in process works best — bringing in life force energy so you don’t expend more energy than it actually cost to do an exercise — with the help of my pink kettlebells.

And don’t forget to breathe…


Love and chi,