July 6, 2023

Getting in Shape to Conceive With Dr. Nathan Riley

Getting in Shape to Conceive With Dr. Nathan RileyIf you asked almost any couple if they had a plan around getting healthy before they tried to conceive a child, 99 percent would say no, and that’s a conservative estimate too!

Here’s a different way to think about it…

Imagine I was training you to be an elite athlete and your first task was to carry 5 pounds around with you everywhere night and day, and that weight would increase every week over the next nine months or so to anywhere from 25-40 pounds, or more.

The way you’d walk would change instantly, your ability to run would be significantly hampered, your cardiovascular capacity would be taxed to the max and you’d be a lot hungrier too.

All of us have seen women struggling with tremendous weight gains during their pregnancies. It makes them so miserable and can potentially harm their baby’s health and them too.

This is the most obvious example of how far people have strayed from a reality-based, common-sense connection that embraces being a healthy human being, according to my great friend and my family’s OBGYN Dr. Nathan Riley from our recent Living 4D conversation.

Nathan and I talk about the work it takes to conceive and carry a healthy child to term and what Moms and Dads must do to support that process in this week’s blog/vlog.


Check out Nathan’s work on his Beloved Holistics website and his new course, Natural Fertility: An Integrated Approach to Reproductive Health, now available in the CHEK Shop.

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