November 2, 2010

Many Streams – Two Rivers – ONE OCEAN


There is much talk of enlightenment in the world today—and there has been for thousands of years! What do I know of enlightenment?

I know that there are as many streams leading to enlightenment, as there are human beings. I also know from my own experiences that all such streams ultimately enter into one of two rivers. One river is the river of light; light representing the something that mind perceives whenever there is a thought or thoughts; this is the path of yang. Paradoxically, it is the ground from which the flowers, trees, grasses and all that you see and perceive “as” something emerges from. The other river is at the bottom and the edges of the river that flows; it moves without moving, does without doing; this is the path of yin. But you don’t typically see it moving, because it is dark and still. We tend to be more aware of things seen in the light (yang oriented).

The river of light represents the mind; of knowing things as this, or that. One can get to enlightenment through progressive awareness of the interconnectedness of ideas – things. As the mind matures, it grows vision; it sees how each “thing” depends on other “things”. Eventually, this becomes that – that becomes this; a beautiful dance of interdependency. In time, one finds that by comprehending the circle, ALL IS THERE.

To experience the yang path, simply place yourself inside a sphere made entirely of mirror. Standing in the middle, look in any direction and be fully present with what you see and experience. When your ego-mind ceases to judge and label, you will have the answer to all your prayers. To experience the answer, you must become the answer.

The river of yin is dark, still, enfolded pure POTENTIAL. This river flows without flowing, does without doing; this river is the river of ABIDING and flows at the speed of NOW. Whenever you stop thinking, you are in this river. Paradoxically, if you stop thinking and cease to be aware, you are unaware of your own enlightenment ☺. The secret to this path is to simply allow your un-attached consciousness to see without labeling. A simple practice is that while being present with anyone, regardless of their opinion, judgments, or how they might hold beliefs that differ from yours, is to hold space with them and feel where their ideas (plants) gain their basis in reality. You will find that this simple practice of mindfully becoming still and witnessing in this way, opens awareness to the flow of the river of yin and is loving practice for everyone.

Whichever river you choose to travel, there is but ONE OCEAN of Enlightenment – Enjoy!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek