September 5, 2017

What the Health Documentary: My Commentary Part 1 of 2

Happy Tuesday!

In this week’s vlog, I’ll share part 1 of my two-part commentary about the recently released documentary, What The Health (learn more at

Let’s start with some positive comments about What The Health, as it did do a good job of bringing awareness to these issues:

  1. Large corporations are dangerous, particularly food processing corporations. The documentary also did a great job of showing how crooked organizations like the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association and American Cancer Association really are. Wait until you see who sponsors these organizations!
  2. What The Health encourages people to eat more raw food, and less meat in general. I feel these are good general recommendations for most people in industrialized nations right now.

However, there are many points in this documentary that concern me. There are so many, in fact, that I had to split my comments into two parts! In this first part, I discuss the following:

  1. Claims made in this documentary that fat and meat are the main causes of diabetes.
  2. My concerns with processed sugar, the links to diabetes and the very dangerous relationships being created and maintained between athletic organizations — especially Olympic committees — and processed food and drink companies. I share my concerns about children and their parents who lack any kind of holistic health education and the dangers they face when being influenced by “purchased” science and propaganda.

In Part 2, I’ll cover:

  • Factory farming, biotech motives and how false both are.
  • The importance of organic and biodynamic farming.
  • My concerns with vegetarianism and veganism, the importance of being holistic and doing your homework before falling into any “ism.”
  • What all of us need to sustain life on this planet.
  • My thoughts about feeding the body to satisfy emotional or mental emptiness, and how often this is a contributing factor to obesity and other diseases.


Recommended resources:

  1. How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! (book)
  2. The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need (multimedia e-book)
  3. You Are What You Eat! (MP3 or audio CDs)
  4. CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1

I hope you enjoy my blog today.

Love and chi,