February 7, 2013

Transforming Challenges into Successes!

Happy Thursday to You!

I hope you are enjoying my series on change and the process of personal, professional and spiritual transformation.

I had a very busy, but beautiful day yesterday. I had the joy of coaching clients, creating my blog, answering questions for people, and got in a lovely deadlift circuit.

I coupled sets of 10 with 275 followed immediately by reptilian crawling to fatigue. I took 1:00 rest and did that five times. I only had 30:00 to undress, workout, shower, and get to my next appointment and this is the kind of workout I like in such situations.

This is what Charles Poliquin would refer to as a “high density” workout, as opposed to a “high intensity” workout.

I have a natural love of high intensity training (1-4 rep range). But! if I do that kind of training form more than a few weeks, I begin to experience the signs of weakening in the stabilizer system, which is the case for most people, but the durations between exercise types can vary significantly from person to person, so there’s no reliable formula that can be applied in-mass safely.

I also had the privilege of eating Vidya’s amazing home-cooked meals. Yesterday, we had a mix of vegetables and lentils and some nice tender swordfish. My body isn’t wanting much meat right now.

As I’ve recovered from the stress of moving, I don’t need as much flesh foods to stabilize my hormonal system. I always let my inner-guidance system choose my foods and proportions. That way, I don’t get caught in habits of eating that weaken me and make me susceptible to illness and low productivity.

I teach the methods I use for fine-tuning my meals in my audio program, Primal Pattern Eating, which you can order from www.ppssuccess.com if you want to improve the strength of your immune system and have a more beautiful body with less work!

My approach has helped thousands shed unwanted pounds and recover from unnecessary illnesses. Why wait when you can learn to care for yourself more effectively right now!


My student and Zero-Force coaching client, Paul Bourne, and his daughter, girlfriend, and son drew this beautiful piece of art as a gift to his Grandmother for her eightieth Birthday.

I LOVE seeing the art of my students and coaching clients evolve. It’s so lovely to see a family get together and create something special as a gift of their love instead of going out and buying a box of chocolates, or something that doesn’t have a personal touch – sentimental value.

Thank you Paul, Ashley, Lance and Megan for sharing your love so openly and honestly. I’m sure your Grandma was touched by your gift and really appreciated that you made something for her by hand. I hope those of you reading my blog feel as inspired as I do!


We all face challenges in our life. We all face the pains, fears and challenges of change.

Do you remember when you were in elementary school and had to leave your friends to go to Jr. High school? Or when you decided it was time to leave a lover? How about leaving a job that paid well, but was drowning your soul?

Most of us forget about these transitions we’ve made successfully when we are in a state of stress and fear. Yet, if you look back on your life, you will surely find a number of scary transitions you’ve made successfully, and are glad you did.

I loved my first wife dearly, and still do. We just grew apart after 17 years and came to realize that we needed a source of love-nutrition that didn’t come natural to the other to provide any longer. We could feel ourselves losing the ability to love and nurture each other, which as a terrible influence on our son. As scary as it was, we got a divorce.

Today, we are both happily remarried. I’ve been married to Penny for over 16 years now, and she’s my best friend in the world and my greatest, most supportive love. I look back on my life and all the pains and fears of leaving Sue, only to realize that I was being led by my soul to find my soul-mate, the woman who was the right partner to run an educational institution and didn’t mind working long hours with me most days. I found a woman that loves me enough to allow me to be my authentic self. That’s a gift from Great Spirit, but I had to do my part to become the person she could recognize.

When Penny and I first met, she gave me a beautiful gift, which was Napoleon Hill’s biggest book (I think it was the original version of Master Keys To Success). I was shocked because it was the very book I’d been studying on my own for several months! We were on the same page in so many ways, and still are.

Today, I’d like to share one of my best methods for transforming challenges into success.

Whenever I feel stressed, frazzled, afraid, or like my emotions are rising to the point that I may act in a way I regret later on, I ask myself, “Am I Safe Right Now?

That question means:

1. Do I have access to food?

2. Do I have access to water?

3. Do I have access to shelter?

4. Do I have access to warmth?

5. Can I breathe without physical limitation?

6. Do I have love in my life?

If the answer to these questions is “Yes”, then I give myself permission to slow down and detach myself from the entanglement the situation is offering me.

I immediately begin taking deep, slow belly breaths through my nose. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system, automatically reducing the fight-flight-freeze response. This gives me awareness that I don’t have to “react”, and that I can “choose to” take the time I need to respond intelligently.

It took me a long time to learn to do this for myself because my old habits were still at work. I kept at it because every time I did this, I felt better and was often proud of myself for not acting like the idiot I know I can turn into as a guy born with red hair and freckles under the fire-sign of Leo the Lion!

My advice is to start this practice in small, less threatening situations.

For example, use it when you are stuck in traffic and feel yourself winding-up. Use it when you are talking to your mother and father.

Use it when talking to your kids, co-workers, or anyone that can rub you the wrong way. Then, by the time you get into a situation that requires some real composure, it will come more naturally to you.

If you wait to practice until you are in a barnburner of a situation, you will probably walk away saying something to yourself like, “Well, I really fucked that one up!again!” (Mom, you didn’t see that word!)

Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.”
~ Joseph Campbell

If you would like my support in learning a variety of ways to improve inner-self management and transform challenges into successes, we are running a special this month at www.ppssuccess.com on my highly practical program titled, 7 Practical Ways to Transform Challenges into Successes.

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• Use your core values as a guide to make the choices that are best for you.

• See the ways in which your relationships reflect your strengths and weaknesses.

• Navigate calmly through difficult personal and professional relationships.

• Move beyond crippling fears about the future or worries about the past.

• Learn to attract those people that are best able to help you to succeed.

My 7 Practical Ways to Transform Challenges into Successes audio lecture offers a unique set of tools to help you refocus your perspective on success – to see that each problem we face in life isn’t a setback, but an opportunity for growth.

Each of the seven techniques offered in this seminar will show you techniques you can apply immediately to discover and energize the path to success, regardless of the challenge you face.

ENERGIZE your success

OVERCOME your challenges

GROW into the person you want to be

Life isn’t complicated, but the way we handle ourselves can be. Make a choice today to transform your challenges into successes! You’ll enjoy your life so much more!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek