June 22, 2023

The Rebirth of Medicine With Rudi Verspoor

The Rebirth of Medicine With Rudi VerspoorI’ve always wondered when and how homeopathy and allopathic medicine parted company and went in diametrically opposite directions.

When I posed this question to Rudi Verspoor during our recent Living 4D conversation, the dean of the Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst and Homeopathy had a very simple answer.

Homeopathy and allopathic medicine never really came together at all, thanks to the efforts of scientists fixed on materialistic mindsets that held back the emergence of romantic science (what Rudolf Steiner called spiritual science).

What really sealed the deal to keep allopathic medicine and homeopathy apart forever came in the 1850s with the discovery of the cell as the center of life buoyed by Louis Pasteur’s germ theory and the study of genetics which diminished the origins of disease to material causes.


How we get to a place where the practice of medicine is reborn with a greater emphasis on scientific spiritual medicine is the topic of my blog/vlog conversation with Rudi Verspoor. After you watch it, my hope is that you’ll be inspired to do your own research and find some real answers!

Love and chi,