June 15, 2023

My Mentor’s Mentor With Nate Ortiz

My Mentor’s Mentor With Nate OrtizThroughout my 38-year career working with clients and students, I’ve received far more than my fair share of complements and thanks for the work we did together to help them heal and help them learn…

But I don’t recall a time when someone became aware of my work by being his mentor’s mentor, until my recent Living 4D conversation with Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 Nate Ortiz.

While searching for advice on how to treat his back pain, the YouTube videos from one guy kept popping up — Elliott Hulse — but Nate avoided watching them for five months, convinced that he didn’t know what he was talking about.

Until the day, Nate finally watched that video and accepted the feeling in his gut that he’d begun to find the answers he had been searching for his entire life.

Then, Nate dug a little deeper and learned who mentored his mentor. That was the day Nate told his Dad, “I found someone smarter than you.”


Nate describes the programming that prevented him from finding better, more effective ways to better health and how the universe helped him in many unexpected ways to become a mentor to others in this inspiring blog/vlog.

Love and chi,