May 16, 2016

The Power of Your Intention

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend doing something that brings joy to your life!

The weather has been really quite nice (although fluctuating from warm to cool), and we enjoyed getting out to explore some of the local shops before I taught HLC3 for six days.


I taught in Oxfordshire, UK, this past week to n AWESOME group of HLC 3 students. They were well prepared, eager to learn and participated fully.

We got deep into many life issues ranging from a deep understanding of spirituality to infant development exercise, organ systems mapping, medical dowsing, advanced chakra assessment, program design, life alchemy, and business concepts.

The days flew by. I asked my students with what time we had left, what they wanted to focus on to finish on the last day. To my surprise, they said, “we want to keep going as long as you want to keep teaching…don’t go home!”

Now that is inspiration holding hands with motivation! It was lovely to be with each of you!

I’m excited as a teacher to know you are out in the world sharing your love, wisdom, guidance, and that all who emulate you will live better because of it.

Angie had a large number of students attending her HLC2 course and she was very happy to be back in her element inspiring her students.


Angie blew her students away; many of them told me in person how impressed they were with her teaching, and teaching style.

Her class was full, and they were all motivated students, which is always lovely for us to see.

I look forward to seeing you in HLC 3 once you’ve mastered your HLC 2 training and feel ready to go deeper into your CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach training.

We combined our classes for our morning energizer sessions where I taught the principles of breath and movement medicine to balance the autonomic nervous system.


Below you can see Faculty, Matt Wallden who joined us. Here he is doing the zen swing.


Mana joined us for some of these sessions. He really loves the movement and fresh air and I love his sweet presence. It was great fun!


I want to give a special “thank you” to Penny, my wife, for taking care of Mana while Angie taught her class, she truly is our Angel!



Also, I am grateful to Gavin Jennings, Director of CHEK Europe and the CHEK Academy for making our stay so comfortable, as well as his wife Gabrielle who helped Penny in numerous ways with Mana. You made our ability to teach and share our Love seamless – Thank you!

Mana enjoyed long walks, daily infant development exercise time on a blanket in the yard, and even got to visit Mommy and Daddy in class now and then.

Mana got to meet Sabrina, Gavin and Gabby’s two year-old daughter. She’s a lovely girl that loves to dance and climb.

Thank you Penny and Gabby for all your love.

It was an amazing week! Please help me congratulate our newest Holistic Lifestyle Coaches!

HLC 3 2016 UK

Everyone of these students is a great example of what a CHEK Professional truly is!


As each of you returns home to your lives, I know that you are shinning examples of personally embodying the CHEK principles of a Dream affirmative lifestyle. Together we will create a world of healthy people!

The Power of Intention

The power of intention, when you look closely, turns out to be directly connected to everything in our lives.

If we are good to ourselves, or someone else, we know what our intention is. When we choose to act in ways that disconnect us from ourselves or others, we know what our intention is.

If we don’t know our intention, chances are good we are acting unconsciously; this usually produces chaos and pain in ourselves and others we interact with.

Being aware of when you are feeling off center, or things are painful and looking at the events that led to the experience help bring you into awareness.

With awareness, we can begin to see patterns emerging. When we see the pattern, we can more easily begin to feel what our intentions were leading to the choices that we might be currently experiencing in such instances.

By recognizing if they are not dream affirmative, we can make new a new intention and responding with choices in ways that serve ourselves and our relationships.

In my video blog today, I share some of the practices I use to set my intention and live more harmoniously. I hope you enjoy this simple practice.

Show-N-Tell With Paul

Jason and His Daughter, Manola’s Art!

Over the years working with my client Jason, he met the woman of his dreams and began having his dream family.

Jason is one of the most intentional men that I’ve had the privilege of working with and getting to know.

He and his wife not only are conscious and intentional parents, their young children reflect the respect that is given for their beautiful unfolding beings.

I asked Jason to share with us his intentional process of using art as fun family creativity together.


“Manola is 28 months old and she loves to paint with her Mommy and Daddy.

ManolaExpressing ArtSpirit

Each weekend as we paint we give her a choice of color and canvas. She loved the process especially getting messy with the paints.


We use paints made from organic plant and fruit extracts called “Eco-finger” paints, which we bought from “Eco-Kids.”

She was so excited to hang them, just like her Mommy and Daddy do with their art. It is such a gift to see the Art Spirit emerge at such an early age.”

Well done Manola! May your Art Spirit continue to be expressed with Love and chi!

Jason’s Art

As I’ve shared before, Jason and I have worked together for a number of years now.

I remember the first art assignments and practices I gave him, and it’s been truly AMAZING to see him grow in his artistic expression.

We love sharing our art together and growing together; he helps me grow in many ways too!

Below is a 2-panal Dragon Painting he recently completed.


Jason also sent me this one, which is quite cool too!


I love his unique style of expression. Thank you Jason for being a light and example for your family!

Donal Carr’s Art


This amazing painting was created by CHEK Faculty Donal Carr, from Sydney, Australia.

Donal says: “I can see the balance of Yin and Yang in this coming together and expressing the Sacred Geometry that for me emerges from the counterpoint and is the potential for all things, it feels like a spark of pure potential that can become what every the observer wants. enjoy.”

Donal always blows me away with his amazing art, as does his wife Cathy Carr (click here to see Cathy Carr’s art)

Thanks for sharing with us all Donal!

To learn more about Donal Carr, go to

CHEK 4 Quadrant Coaching!

I’ve got some lovely downtime for a few days to enjoy some pleasure reading and deep rest before teaching my newest workshop in a few days.

I am so excited to teach this course as it is the step-by-step foundation of my success coaching with my elite clients.

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I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek