March 29, 2011

The Marketing of Madness


Thank you to those of you who gave such lovely feedback on my composting blog yesterday.

We can do so much for the planet and each other by embracing very simple practices such as recycling and composting. Though most people talk about the problems of the world, little ever happens in the world until talk becomes actions.

This weekend, Vidya and I watched an intense, informative, shocking video documentary about the dangers of psychiatry and psychiatric drug abuse.

The Marketing of Madness

The Marketing of Madness

This documentary informs you about:

  • Current statistics showing just how absolutely out of control the medical establishment has become with regard to ethics of treatment vs. actual practices. It is very clear that the medical establishment at large has completely forgotten it’s own Hippocratic oath to first, do no harm.
  • Current statistics showing how the use of psychiatric drugs is driving the number of suicides to never before seen heights — in all age categories!
  • How the psychiatric branch of medicine creates diseases, markets them to the public, and encourages them to ask for the medication that is supposed to treat the disease “they created for you”!
  • How psychiatry is essentially a subjective science (which is an abuse of the world science in the context of psychiatric abuse!) and they have no objective science to back their claims.
  • The fact that the drug companies simply reuse the same drugs over again; they rename them and recreate new diseases for the same drugs and sell them to you under different names.
  • How prescribed drugs like Ritalin are now black market drugs sold by students in schools so kids can get high on them. The researchers found that Ritalin acts almost identically to cocaine in the human brain, yet the researchers and manufacturers have done nothing to adjust the formula to make it safer, or more effective!
  • The fact that drugs are specifically designed to be just slightly more effective than a placebo, yet, not effective enough to provide a cure. Why!because the entire industry is driven by financial gains and has nothing at all to do with helping people heal! If the drugs are found to be less effective than a placebo, then it is obvious coercion and mismanagement of patients. If the drugs are actually effective, there is a loss of return visits and therefore, they loose their cash cows.
  • How so many dangerous, ineffective drugs get through the FDA! They buy them off and quaintly place drug company executives and people with significant financial incentives “inside the FDA to serve on regulatory panels!”
  • How so many so-called scientific papers are generated to “prove” the effectiveness of drugs that are ultimately found to be not only dangerous but DEADLY!
  • How many people are absolutely and totally abused and railroaded by the medical system and drug companies incestuous relationship!
  • How radical an influence drug manufacturers have had on the entire curriculum, belief systems, and practice of medicine world wide.
  • How drug and medical corporations abuse the media and scientific journals by leveraging them. Media sources, be they journals, magazines, radio, TV or news papers make such vast amounts of money through medical advertising that if they were to actually become ethical and stop running ads for dangerous drugs and procedures, the loss of income could result in business failures. Therefore, with that leverage, the medical and drug establishments essentially control media streams. They use this influence to literally brainwash the public into believing that their dangerous and seldom effective procedures and drugs actually work!
  • How the drug companies now have direct marketing campaigns targeting every single age and social category there is. This includes using TV to market drugs directly to not only the public, but to children!

This documentary is produced by the Citizens Commission On Human Rights (

I have watched a few of their documentaries, which are all very well produced and authentic in the message they carry.

This program is very fast-paced, and hard-hitting. It appears to me that they have done adequate market research to realize that the people that need to watch their programs the most are those suffering from ADD and ADHD or monkey mind.

Therefore, the video moves very fast and is full of flashy graphics and all the little tricks needed to keep monkey minds adequately entertained so they have a fighting chance of getting the message to the people that need it most.

The documentary is quite long, yet, full of worthy information at every step of the way.

In all fairness, I should say that some of their claims that there is no research scientifically backing the prospect of chemical imbalances in the brain is a bit behind the times of today. There does appear to be legitimate real-time imaging studies showing the effects of different amino acids and drugs on the brain, which is how researchers actually found out that Ritalin essentially has the same effects on the brain as cocaine.

A MD now well known for his infomercials on TV and who sells a brain-based approach to chemical modulation developed largely from a combination of current imaging studies and clinical practice is Daniel Amen.

The book Molecules Of Emotion, by Candace Pert (one of the inventors of SSRI drugs oddly enough!) also highlighted pharmacological research and warns about some of the concerns shared in this documentary.

Additionally, the work of Julia Ross, author of The Mood Cure and The Diet Cure is largely based on current scientific investigations as to the effects of different molecules and amino acids on brain chemistry and resulting changes in mood and behavior.

The key element I see as largely missing from almost all such approaches is behavior modification.

Behavior modification is the backbone of any legitimate healing program, yet, is the most challenging element of any healing program to implement.

My entire PPS Success Mastery program is based on how to understand human motives, behaviors, beliefs and teaches my students how to identify motive and cultivate positive behavioral changes in their lives.

It is my dream that all CHEK Practitioners (including HLC’s and Golf Biomechanics) study and learn the methods I share in PPS so they can gain first hand experience with the technology in their own lives. This is essential if we are to effectively guide people through the change process.

The LEADERSHIP element is, for all intensive purposes, absent from modern medicine, regardless of what branch you investigate. Why!because, like the drug manufacturers, medical establishments depend on repeat business to grow profits adequate to satisfy their investors!

I worked with Vidya McNeill MA in the creation of The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease to do my level best to address this issue.

It was my dream in creating this program to share a methodology I learned through many years of clinical practice and constant and ongoing investigation into the literature and practices of successful health care professionals, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists (such as Carl Jung) and shaman.

Oddly enough, my investigations have led me to believe that we have not improved upon what shaman were offering centuries ago and still offer today. Not only are shaman typically very skilled at the manufacture and use of natural plant-based psychotropic drugs, their formulas have been stolen and patented by drug companies routinely for the last sixty or more years.

Though the drug companies have effectively stolen good drug combinations and concepts from shaman, they have not implemented the leadership and wise counsel offered by any legitimate shaman.

In native tribal societies, the shaman was considered as equal in importance to the Chief of any tribe and worked closely with the Chief and Medicine Man to guide their people to healthier and more harmonious relationships with self, others and nature at large.

All the drug companies have done is suppress real medicines used by shaman and medicine men by patenting cheap synthetic copies of the molecules used, while at the same time, making the natural forms of the drugs illegal!

The drug companies and medical establishment have been too successful at promoting the idea that all you need to do is take a drug and all your problems will go away!

When you look at the statistics on how many people are on psychotropic drugs right now, and how many auto accidents, industrial accidents and public shootings are directly tied to psychotropic drug users and abusers, it can really shake one’s sense of safety and security!

Ann Blake Tracy, PhD is the author of Prozac – Panacea Or Pandora?

She shows brain scans comparing before and after effects of Prozac and gives shocking evidence of the elevated incidence of suicide and other dangerous behaviors induced by this class of psychotropic drug. She highlights that (at the time of writing) the last 25 (I’m paraphrasing here) or so public shootings were all carried out by people that were on, or had been on an SSRI drug within a year of the shootings.

This is also highlighted in video, The Marketing Of Madness.

Ann Blake Tracy provides essential information as to the dangers of coming off these psychotropic drugs and makes suggestions as to how to do so. She does provide audio recordings with additional information in this regard.

Though I thought the first audio was helpful, the nutrition information in the second of the two I reviewed reflects her religious beliefs and I don’t agree with it. I’d stick to the nutrition information I’ve shared in my many related programs.

We are at a very dangerous time in the evolution of humankind my dear friends!

There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of us ever getting enough people together to stop the medical and drug establishments through protests. A conflicted mind cannot lead others effectively but only furthers the conflict!

The very best thing we can all do is just what I’m doing!tell people how to find good resources so they can see and explore the facts for themselves.

As we work to educate the public as authentic, healthy, leaders, teachers and healers (modern shaman!), we can starve the drug companies and the medical establishments out and force them, by demand to incorporate legitimate medical practices. Though they make billions and billions, don’t forget, it costs billions and billions to feed the monster that that industry is!

Just as it takes a lot of money to fuel a passenger jet for a flight from LA to NY, it takes a lot of money to keep running this dangerous medical fraud of an industry and all that is related to it. If not enough people purchase tickets to cover the costs of running jet flights from LA to NY, the flights are first canceled, then the route is abandoned all together.

We don’t need to start fights we can’t win. That is just using violence to attack violence. Not intelligent. If we all work together, we can simply starve them out!

As I regularly tell CHEK Practitioners though, before you run around pointing the finger at others who may believe in and/or use these drugs, make sure you are healthy enough, self-responsible enough, and wise enough to prove your point as a living example.

Otherwise, you just become one pest attacking another pest and nothing good comes of that in the end!

I’ve seen families fall apart when one person all the sudden comes home from a seminar or workshop as the newly self-proclaimed expert, only to begin policing the family and friends. All the while, they too are still only talking heads and often have not make any objective changes in their own diet and lifestyle.

Because they have no proof that their way is better, they are easily shot down by their peers. This is very sad and dangerous because now, people turn against natural approaches because they have had them rubbed in their face abrasively.

From then on, when they do hear legitimate healing and self-help advice, they discount it, reverting back to so-and-so who drove them nuts with all their diatribe and nothing worthy to back their message!

We must all take the initiative “To thyn own self be true, or thou cans’t be true to any other man,” originally conveyed by Shakespeare to heart if we are to be of any help the planet and each other in general!

We are all part of a living organism called “humanity”, of which each human being is akin to a cell in your own body. While many run around barking this and that to others about how fucked up people and the world are, they are often doing nothing objective to help the problem themselves, which means they are still part of the problem!

It is my dream that all CHEK Practitioners and anyone that can see the logic in my messages first and foremost.

Be the change that you want to share with the world first!

Then, we can offer evidence that not only do our more natural, safe methods work, we can demonstrate the experience and expertise needed to authentically coach people to a state of vibrant health and well-being.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek