December 8, 2011


Happy Thursday to You!

I had a lovely day off yesterday, which was welcomed after talking for five days straight.

I went to see my bone scratcher, Wes Boyce at the Encinitas Acupuncture and Massage Center in Encinitas for an hour of deep massage.

I followed that with half an hour in the steam bath, which always feels great to my body. Such a great way to detox and relax. I love chanting and toning in the steam room because of the great acoustics there.

Once I got home, I got out my art pad and enjoyed drawing for several hours. Then I laid outside in the afternoon sun for a while.

Before my PPS coaching call, I did a nice long tai-chi session and that always fills me with energy and joy, which I always intend to share with all the people in my life.




Which of these two chefs would you prefer cook for you?

Have you ever been to dinner at a restaurant or somewhere you didn’t see who prepared the food and found that even though the food may have looked good, it left you feeling odd, off, weighted down, or struggling with negative energy you couldn’t place?

Have you ever walked into a building, or someone’s home and had the immediate sense that unhappiness lurked there?

Have you ever loaned a piece of jewelry or clothing to someone and found that when you wore it again, you felt odd or distorting energy that wasn’t there before?

We are often subconsciously aware that the energy and/or mind-set of people interacting with us, or “things” we will interact with can, and do affect us.

At the same time, we also forget that our thoughts, moods and actions infuse our environment and everything we touch as well!

If we realize that according to Einstein’s amazing revelations (E=MC2), all matter is composed of entangled (in relationship) light, then thought/energy transference becomes more logical.

Light potentially has an infinite capacity to carry information, and all energy is a form of information.

Each emotion we feel or express carries information and each idea or “meme” we interact with also elicits emotional responses within us.

This is because our emotions and thoughts are charged expressions of polarities. Love and fear are the two types of energy that underlie most energetic expressions and exchanges.

Because everything material is also entangled light being held together by polarity differential (just as magnets attract to each other by polarity differential); whatever type of energy we express naturally influences our environment.

The unhappy Chef cutting carrots while being pissed off at his wife infuses the atoms of the carrot with energy of like-kind.

Though they come to you looking only like chopped up carrots, what you don’t see, but often feel, is the energy and information stored in the carrots.

A great example of this reality was demonstrated in an excellent research study conducted by Harold Saxton Burr in the late 1940’s at Yale University (See his book, Blueprint For Immortality).



He put seeds of the same plant type into starter pots and broke them into two groups.

Group A plants were to be watered with water that was put into glass mason jars and held by his normal, every-day students for a few hours.

Group B plants were to be watered with water held for a few hours by people that had been committed to a psychiatric ward in hospitals.

As the plants began to grow, the plants from Group A grew normally and there was no indication that anything unusual had happened to them.

Group B plants grew crooked, often away from the sun, and showed many signs of disease and genetic mutation.

The only difference between the Group A and B plants was who held the water.

Clearly, Burr’s research showed that the emotional tone is infused into the water from unhappy, ill people that is so strong that it distorted growth and development processes.

This research is an example of how our thoughts and emotions infuse our environment and can clearly have effects on potentially all living things.

Our experiences with jewelry and clothing (inanimate things) also suggest that this transfer occurs with objects and that such stored energies can be easily passed onto us.

This exemplifies the importance of learning to get clear on our dreams so that we can establish core values that if lived by, facilitate the creation of our dreams.

If we live against our values, or have no values, we are susceptible to the thoughts and feelings of those who are invested in their pain, or who are lost in life.

Many such people unwittingly turn their pains into their dreams, and that’s all they have to share. This is what the saying “misery loves company” means.

When we live our dreams and use our core values as a means of knowing when to say “NO” in relationship to other persons, places and things, we naturally cultivate love through our actions because we are doing what we authentically want (and need) to do to love ourselves.

Love is an inclusive and transformative energy form.

When we are anchored in our own love and someone feeds us food cooked by an unhappy chef, we can infuse that food with our love and convert the negative charges in the food to love, just as a mother can sooth a frustrated or angry child with acts of love.

If someone gives us our jacket or jewelry back and we feel negative energy and emotion in it, out of our own love and compassion, we can consciously connect to that person and the object; we can infuse unconditional love with the intention to offer to them positive energy facilitating healing.

We then become conscious energy transformers.

Once we are aware of the power of our thoughts, emotions and actions on everyone and everything in our environment, we can choose to manage our energies such that they create what we want.

If we hold the thought in mind that love is a boomerang, we are more likely not to throw out what we don’t want to catch on the return.

PPS Lesson 1., How To Find and Live Your Legacy begins with a self-assessment form that allows you to see how many of your ideas come from parents, family and others.

This way, you can become more conscious of what you are potentially creating unconsciously in your life.

This lesson also takes you through a process of mapping out the beautiful and challenging times in your life and gives you the essential tools to gain a healthy perspective on such events.

As we grow spiritually, we generally come to realize that each of the events we hold with a negative charge, also have an equal and opposite offering that we can choose to cultivate; that is an act of spirituality.

PPS Lesson 1 also guides you through the process of getting clear on what your life’s overarching dream or goal is and the 10 components of identifying your legacy.

In my life I’ve found that as I’ve learned to manage my own energies better, I create more and more of what I want and enjoy in my relationships and my environment.

If we can all learn how to create what we want our of our love, not our fears, won’t the world be a much nicer, safer place to be?

Now is the time, don’t wait.

By creating and living from love we have many opportunities to celebrate our love together.

Let’s becoming a true transformative force for ALL!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek