January 26, 2023

The Language Dogs Speak With Sasha Armstrong

The Language Dogs Speak With Sasha ArmstrongHow you communicate with your dog or any pet in your care says a great deal about the relationships you have with… everything and everyone.

My intuitive/Shamonic self has felt this many times with my clients who have brought their dogs with them to their sessions.

All too often, I feel the stress from a divorce, job loss or financial stress being carried by their companion, yet that client doesn’t realize all of that tension is feeding into their dog’s behavior in an attempt to compensate for those some emotional challenges.

That’s when professionals like Sasha Armstrong are so valuable in helping us understand how dogs communicate with their people and how people can make the lives of their pets so much easier and stress-free.

In this week’s blog/vlog, Sasha returns to describe how good communication works between humans and dogs and why what you say to your dog or cat — Good boy!/Bad boy! — is only a portion of the emotional information they process.


Check out my entire podcast with Sasha Armstrong on our website or watch our live conversation on YouTube.

Love and chi,