March 6, 2017

Take Back Your Health 2017!

Happy Monday to you!

I’m taking this week off of work to have a long overdue visit with many of my family members who are coming together to celebrate life, each other, and meet our precious little Mana for the first time.

I have chosen to use my blog to publicly share my Take Back Your Health 2017! webinar presentation (about 1:39 long).

I created this presentation for C.H.E.K Institute students and customers, but feel that the more people I can inspire to be the change we need in the world now, the better.

Therefore, I’m excited to share this presentation with you, and everyone you’d like to share it with.

Take Back Your Health 2017!

Thank you for your interest in holistic health, my blog and the C.H.E.K Institute’s education and self-help products.

I am writing to you to invite you in joining me and all C.H.E.K Professionals and C.H.E.K Institute customers worldwide in doing our individual and collective parts to implement positive change in the world now.

To support you with non-violent methods and resources, and inspire each of you to do whatever you are willing to do as gift of participation from your heart, I share my recent webinar, “Take Back Your Health 2017!”

We are at a very unique time in which we must work together to make positive changes in how we live so that we are all:

• More kind, respectful, and supportive of each other and the planet.
• More aware of which large corporations are polluting the planet and humanity, putting our very existence at risk… for profits.
• More aware of government support for corporate agendas that put us all at risk of diminishing health and higher disease rates, environmental crisis and, sadly, war.

We have the technology, and the ability to implement:
• Clean, very cost effective energy technologies that don’t contribute to the greenhouse effect and destruction of natural resources due to coal mining, oil drilling, fracking and related practices.
• Clean air strategies: There are many places in the world that have such poor quality air, that many diseases are being facilitated, and people are dying unnecessarily.
• Clean water strategies and balancing strategies for the world’s oceans.
• Topsoil rehabilitation, including detoxification of dangerous farming chemicals and restoring balanced mineral composition and microorganism populations.
• Organic and biodynamic farming practices that produce abundant amounts of food that is nutrient and energy rich.
• Moral and ethical standards for medical drug and vaccination research, testing, and proof of safety standards.
• Democratic policies for informing the public with adequate time to voice their opinion about laws being passed that are often very dangerous to our welfare, and designed to give a few large corporations freedom to impose upon our land, waters, air, space and bodies.

An important example is the need for honest, comprehensive labeling laws on all foods, and ethical exposure of drug and vaccine side effects.
• Fair taxation laws, and misconduct penalties for large corporations.
• A regulatory panel that monitors the media to ensure that people are not being mislead by bogus claims in advertising.
• Programs to help feed and provide water for approximately 2 billion people who don’t even have their most basic needs met, yet are often being displaced by large corporations who come to extract their resources and/or drill for oil.
• Programs to facilitate world peace and cooperation among all countries for everyone’s best interest, considering the issues cited above, and many more.

It is sad, but true that even a small fraction of the U.S. annual defense budget would fund all the items I’ve listed here!

In Take Back Your Health 2017!, I share many simple effective ways we can all do that and be the change.

In fact, I’d LOVE IT if you posted it and shared it on your own blogs, or any media channel you can share it on.

So that you don’t have to write down the many resources from the video, you can download it for your use here:

Someone very wise once said:

If you crack an egg with an outside force, life ends.
If an egg is cracked from an inside force, life begins.

Planet Earth is our egg, and there are a dangerous many forces cracking it from the outside!

I am asking each of you from my heart to join me in being a force of opening the egg of possibility from the inside.

We will not make effective changes by fighting government corruption and corporate greed from the outside. We can do it from the inside – from inside ourselves and from inside our family and social groups.

In a democracy, it is the people who make the government, and therefore, we can choose to act democratically with ourselves, and each other to make changes from the inside.

The future of the children of the world is dangerously at stake if we don’t all work together and act now.

We now have something MUCH bigger than our individual needs to stand up for. We have something MUCH bigger than ethnic, national or religious differences to stand up for now.

I think you will find my offering doesn’t require too much effort at all, and every little bit moves us in the right direction.

I believe we are at a time when we can choose to become more conscious, loving and respectful of each other and the planet, or go the opposite way, which would be terribly sad.

Thank you for your time in reading my blog.

For each and every act of love and kindness you share with yourself, your fellow human beings, and Mother earth we make a difference.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek