March 5, 2010

Absolute Essentials of Rumi Inspiration!

Hi Everyone,

I am really excited to share with you my latest inspiration: The Absolute Essentials of Rumi! Available from I was inspired to create this offering while on vacation last year in Jamaica.


I’d like to share this little recording with you personally. To say Rumi touches my soul would be to use words to describe the indescribable. To me there is no greater medicine for the pains and the pangs and the prongs and prangs of religion than the voice of a true mystic—a prophet in every regard. To share my experience of Rumi is like undressing before the world. It’s as intimate of a private room as one can have. Yet, to the degree that one knows what love is, and has experienced that love, and does not open the doors and the windows to the private room, is to conceal the very medicine that heals all diseases and the ego itself.

To introduce this series of recordings in which I explore my experience of Rumi’s poetry, I share my knowledge and understanding of Rumi (as I know Rumi to be) from my own inner work and inner studies. This is a great blessing because it is my personal spiritual practice to listen to the voice of my soul; I take guidance from the guiding soul, which in Rumi’s language is called khijra. It is my intention to do my best to stay aligned with that part of me called khijra while sharing my experience of Rumi with you. The intention of which is my hope that with a sniff of the fragrance of Rumi you will want to drink from his well, which is the divine well.

Join me now as we crack and scramble eggs as we tame asses. In the safety of Rumi’s heart, you may let go. Totally let go of the ass of the ego self and become one again.

Enjoy with love!