October 16, 2013

Rotation Dieting Pt. 4: Rotation Dieting Tips

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you have been enjoying my vlog series on rotation dieting. I’m doing my best to provide you with accurate information that will increase your vitality and wellbeing.

I had a very productive day yesterday, and managed to get into the gym for a nice pushing workout. I did four circuits of heavy Swiss ball bench presses coupled with bilateral cable pushing and kettlebell clean and presses. I felt great afterwards and happy to know I was keeping my body-garden healthy.

Underground Wellness Radio

When I got home last night, I spent some time with Sean Croxton on his Underground Wellness radio show talking about how to heal from fungal and parasite infections.


We were exploring what is in my DVD set titled, Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials.

Sean really loves the program, and after watching it twice, had some excellent questions that we covered in detail, as well as fielding a lot of questions from listeners in the 90:00 show. If you’d like to listen to the discussion and learn all sorts of interesting things, feel free to do so here: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/undergroundwellness

After I got done with Sean’s radio interview, I headed out to my garden and did a lovely stork-walk tai-chi session, and then jumped into my IR sauna for a good meditative sweat. Yum Yum! Feels great to clean my body out at the end of the day with a good, deep, healing sweat.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of infrared saunas, feel free to click here and see the amazing discount I’ve arranged for you: https://www.healthmatesauna.com/

Rotation Dieting Pt. 4: Rotation Dieting Tips

Today, I cover several useful tips for making rotation dieting easier to implement and practice.

Most people feel the angst of having to change the way they eat (even when they know they need to), which is usually due to the perception that rotation dieting will be more work than they are use to.

Well, as I share, rotation dieting is actually much easier to implement and practice than most would realize. Some of the topics I cover in today’s vblog on rotation dieting are:

1. Reducing food wastage

2. Shopping and planning on a rotation diet

3. Cooking and preparation

4. Storage

5. How rotation dieting reduces cooking, cleaning and handling of foods

Part 4 was going to be the final segment of this series, but I’ve decided to add Part 5: Common Questions, which will go up Friday. In this segment, I’ll address the most commonly asked questions and misunderstandings of rotation dieting.

I hope you have a good time studying the series and that you create some quiet, and play time for yourself so your life doesn’t feel so compressed.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek