March 28, 2012

Rockin on the beach!

Happy Wednesday to all!

Yesterday, our day started at a leisurely pace. Paul Jr slept in for a while while I was out doing tai-chi. We had some amazing papaya and left-overs for breakfast.

Once we got organized, we rode our bikes to the little beach to combine creative expression with exercise; we stacked rocks for several hours. We had fun!

The big one was a suitable replacement for my deadlifting, pushing, pulling, lunging and twisting for a few days!

The heat here really take it out of you as the hours go by and keeping oneself hydrated is important here.


After stacking rocks, we cruised the beach looking for good food. We hit the jackpot with a place in the beach serving Thai food.

Paul had a curry and I had the local fish of the day and some salad and spring roles.

Our food settled as we biked about five miles home. We stopped at a local produce stand on the way.

After a cold (as cold as it gets here) shower, I drew a mandala of our day with pastels.

Paul Jr made us a great dinner of mixed seafood and local vegetables! While we ate, we watched “The Pursuit Of Happiness” with Will Smith.

This morning, we are off to go on a snorkeling trip in Playa del Carmen.

I send you all blessings of Abundance!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek