October 28, 2010

Oh My God!

HI Everyone!

If by chance you are like me and enjoy the study of cross-cultural beliefs about God (and spirituality), you will love this DVD by the same name.

In this program, filmmaker Peter Rodger travels the world with a very high quality camera asking people questions about their belief in God. Peter Rodger’s primary question is, “What is God?” As you may suspect, the answers vary from those typical of the very closed minded and highly programmed to those of the enlightened sage.

I’m sharing this program with you because it is an excellent production. There are many beautiful moments in the program and the footage is beautiful. You will experience God from the perspective of many cultures around the world. The program features some incredible people as well, such as Hugh Jackman (one of my wife Penny’s favorite actors, and I’m pretty sure he’s on her “stud list” so-to-speak, which puts me in good company!), Seal (who’s commentary is excellent!), Ringo Star and more. I really enjoyed this beautiful movie/documentary and am excited to share it with you.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek