July 21, 2014

My Dr. Diet Core Values & Elliott Hulse Hits A Million!

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I had a fantastic weekend myself.

I got in some rock stacking around the Heaven House, some weight lifting, some walks, tai-chi, a few nice trips to my Health Mate IR sauna.

Angie Lustrick and I continued to train her baby humming bird.

In my blog today, I will share a little of my experience training a baby humming bird to start off.

Then I share an overview of my vlog today, covering my Dr. Diet core values.

To close my blog, I will share in the celebration with Elliott Hulse, who just hit one million subscribers on his youtube.com channel!

Training Sunil to Feed and Fly

Sunil in Fiichus Heaven
I recently shared the story of Angie fining a wounded baby humming bird just outside her house under the big tree in her front yard. She continues to nurse it back to full function.

The experience of interacting with Sunil (we named her Sunil, which means “The Sun” in a Hindu dialect) has been something so special, so precious.

Sunil has made an impression on my soul that will last an eternity, and Angie’s too. Above, you can see Sunil sitting in my fichus tree directly in front of my desk at work.

Angie has to perform the tasks of Sunil’s mother, who may well have been eaten by a hawk. Angie’s research suggested that Sunil was about 16-20 days old when she found her, and she had not yet learned to fly, nor feed herself.

Angie studied up on how to feed and care for a baby humming bird, and we have been doing the best we can with the knowledge we have and could obtain to support her in achieving enough functionality to make it on her own outside.

She has been getting stronger every day, and as she grows day-by-day, her colors are changing. She was light brown/gray, but each day, she becomes more and more of a beautiful green, and the tips of her tail feathers are turning white.

We began bringing her to flowers and she innately knew exactly what to do with them. She sticks her long slender beak and even longer tongue into the flowers and licks up as much pollen as she can find. She also likes eating the little tiny bugs you can barely see.

It is quite amazing to see her reaction to the flower pollen and nectar. As soon as she eats some, she gets all excited and stats flapping her wings, sometimes going into an ecstatic hovering maneuver. It is literally as though she gets high and has so much energy she can’t resist flying.

She is so beautiful, so brave, so priceless a little precious being. She has blown our hearts wide open.

Maggie (Angie’s pug) is very gentle with her. They have a loving relationship and Maggie even watches over her if we go out of the house. It’s amazing to see how much love exists in nature as a natural expression between animals you’d never expect to show so much empathy for each other.

Boy has Angie, Penny and I learned a lot from this amazing little humming bird. I feel blessed. Really.

I took this little video of Sunil on one of her many training flights. Angie is an amazing, natural mother (of all creatures) and she’s dong a fantastic job teaching Sunil how to fly.

Each day she gets stronger, flies further and better, and is better at landings and climbing. Angie told me the other day that Sunil started practicing moving her wings so she can fly backward too, which only humming birds can do. I hope you enjoy watching one of Sunil’s fun little training flights.

My Dr. Diet Core Values

Core Values My Dr Diet blk bd
I have enjoyed sharing a little of my knowledge of core values and their importance as an essential component in effective dream weaving. Today in my vlog, I thought I’d share my personal core values regarding Dr. Diet.

The points I expand upon in my vlog today are:

– Grow Your Own Food! 

Here I highlight the fact that you can very easily grow food in your yard, on your patio, or even in your home. There are many excellent home gardening books and kits today that make it easier than ever to have your own organic food.

In my studies of the history of eating, I found scholarly reference to the fact that during both the first and Second World War, 50% of all the food eaten in the US was grown in people’s yards.

Most interestingly, I also have research in my library showing that during the periods of food rationing, people’s health improved significantly in the areas evaluated!

When you can’t access junk food, you don’t eat it. Add some home grown produce, and presto, you have healthier people.

This begs the question… do we need another world war to wise up and get healthy again, or can we do it out of love for ourselves, each other, and the world?

– You are what you eat, and…You are what you don’t excrete!

It is critical to consider that the foods you eat provide the essential building blocks from which your entire body is restored. That’s scientific fact.

We replace every cell within our body on an annual basis, but what are most people making themselves out of?

In addition to considering the foods you eat, it is also wise to consider that if you are eating things your body can’t effectively detoxify, then such agents are typically stored in your body fat until your detoxification systems can handle them.

Sadly though, most people just keep on with a variety of strange and unusual symptoms that doctors typically only medicate, which typically makes them worse.

A big part of healing is inner cleaning. If you feel that you are eating well, but still not feeling vital, it is a good idea to consult a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach for an assessment and focused coaching.

You can find which of our CHEK trained professionals is nearest to you by visiting www.chekconnect.com and looking in the practitioner locator section.

– Certified Organic whenever possible is my personal core value for my food intake.

I share my reasons and some tips for finding great food.

– Water!

The chief liquid that makes it into my body is water. We live in polluted world, and as Dr. Robert Rakowski likes to remind us, “The best solution for pollution is dilution”.

I finish my vblog with these important Dr. Diet self-management tips:

1. Eat when hungry.

2. Eat until not hungry instead of eating until you can’t eat any more!

3. Eat raw food as part of your meals as often as possible and eat as much raw food as feels good to you.

Typically, as your body adapts its enzyme profile and digestive functions improve, you can eat more and more raw food. The most common correlate being that people feel better as they consume more raw food.

I let my body guide me as to how much raw foods I eat each day, and I feel great!

4. I suggest the use of a wholefood, organic multi-vitamin as a form of healthy insurance.

5. COMPOST! I really encourage everyone to compost. There are great composting kits of a variety of types and sizes so everyone can compost if they are interested in caring for the planet.

Even if you have no place to use the compost, it sure makes a lovely gift to a friend with a garden, or even as a nice addition to your houseplants.

Composting is “soil regeneration”, while commercial farming is soil (and water, and air) degeneration.

We are literally running out of farmable land today in many countries. Ponder what that may mean to your future, and your children’s future…Soylent green anyone?

I remember almost falling out of my seat about ten years ago while doing research for one of my books. I came across a food processing magazine that was celebrating Lord Sainsbury’s sales record for “synthetic foods” (He is the owner of Sainsbury’s food chain in the UK).

Lord Sainsbury sold 13 BILLION dollars worth of synthetic food that year, and was being awarded for this…?…If he worked for, or owned Pennzoil, Texico, or Valvoline and was selling synthetic motor oil, I’d say “Halla Loo Ya!”

But when it comes to being awarded for selling Non-foods to people who actually think they are buying food for humans, I don’t see that as laudable at all. In fact, I see it as a clear message that most governments are not interested in human health at all, just…money.

Suggested self-help Resources:

1. How To Eat, Move & Be Healthy! – book

2. Identifying Your Primal Pattern® Diet – MP3 Audio

3. The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need! – multimedia e-book

4. You Are What You Eat! – Audio + Workbook

Elliott Hulse Celebrates 1 MILLION Subscribers on Youtube.com!

Elliott Hulse tai-chi ruler
In my professional career of now over 30 years, I have met MANY who had a lot to say about “what they are going to do in the world”, and I have seen such prophesies seldom occur.

But when they do, they really do. Elliott Hulse is a “really do” case in point here.

Elliott Hulse has studied my teachings for many years, as well as studying diligently with a variety of masters of various health and performance related crafts.

In addition, Elliott has been a competitive strong man, is a gym owner, and a coach to…over a million subscribers on his youtube.com channel!

Above, you can see a photo of Elliott practicing the tai-chi ruler while in my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 2 Advanced Training Program.

Elliott “walks his walk”, and for that he deserves Honorable mention everywhere.

Elliott is a mix of strength master, life coach, and spiritual mentor all rolled into one beautiful (and very strong) mix of a man.

While building himself intra-personally, Elliott has managed to father several beautiful children, be a supportive husband, keep himself in excellent body-mind condition, and nurture over a million people’s needs for masterful education and moral support.

His teachings range from the meaning of Lao Tzu’s timeless words, to how to be strong, fast, and fit.

Please join me today in celebrating with Elliott as he celebrates breaking one million subscribes on his youtube.com channels in this video:

Elliott extends his love and gratitude to those that helped him become the amazing man he is, and I’m very grateful to be one of the special people he kindly gives thanks to.

I’m very proud of Elliott Hulse (and his amazing brother Eric Hulse!), and you all should be too!

If the world had many more like him, it would be that much healthier, loving, fitter, and ready to grow each day.

Congratulations Elliott!

My love and respect for your life’s work cannot be overstated.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my blog today!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek