October 12, 2015

“MU” and Childhood OBESITY Project

Happy Monday!

I hope you are excited to spend another week experiencing the pulsating form we call “life.”

I’ve been very busy putting together new slide shows for my upcoming presentations at the SWIS Symposium in Toronto, November 13-14.

It’s been a lot of work, but I’m enjoying the synthetic process of putting together my 4 Doctor approach to Athlete Management.

Angie and Penny are enjoying Florence, Italy together and will head home Saturday. It will be nice to see them, and get to appreciate how much Angie’s belly has grown.

Angie is feeling great, so that’s exciting considering how big she’s gotten at 20 weeks. Penny and I were joking that we may need to get a trolley to get her around in another month at the rate she’s growing. I guess Mana really likes plenty of room in her studio apartment.

Today in my blog, I’m going to share a fun, simple Buddhist meditation technique called “MU”, or “the MU meditation.”

There are endless comments on my www.youtube.com/paulcheklive channel, and all my various web systems from people who can’t seem to get their minds to slow down, and are challenged to meditate.

I normally teach this to my HLC 3 students (when I feel it is the right tool), but because the MU meditation is so simple, I thought I’d share it with anyone that wants a simple technique.

Then I’ll share information on the Childhood Obesity Summit I participated in; it starts today!

Though I had a packed schedule, the topic is so important to me that I put a lot of effort into addressing what I felt were some of the most important root causes of childhood obesity.

The program is free if you follow it as the presentations are released, and there are a lot of EXCELLENT presenters involved, including CHEK HLC Practitioners and even CHEK Instructors.

I’ve always been very impressed with what my Instructors and students share and I’m confident you will be too, particularly if you have children!

So lets get started….

The MU Meditation

I learned the MU meditation years ago while reading books on zen Buddhism, and found it very useful. I’ve used in many times with my students and friends, and they all really found it effective.

The MU meditation is best when done with a partner, or given by someone leading a group meditation.

The basic premise of the MU meditation is that MU has no meaning and therefore, there is nothing for the ego-mind to grab onto, associate with, and link complexes (emotionally charged complexes of thoughts and emotions from the past), making it much easier for the mind to disengage…to meditate.

As I show in my video below, the leader has to use their intuition as to when to “MU” and what cadence or sequencing will induce relaxation with their partner or group.

Naturally the more skilled one is in the art of meditation, and the art of feeling/reading people, the more effective the leader’s influence will be, but anyone can practice, learn, and benefit.

Its a very simple call and response: The leader simply says “MU” and their partner or fellow meditators mirror them.

If I say “MU”…you say “MU” (sounds like the cow going “MU”); If I say “MU MU”, you say “MU MU”, and so on.

The key is to use variations on cadence so that you engage the mind enough that it must pay attention to the leader’s “MU”ing, while leaving enough of a gap that the mind can rest.

Eventually, the “MU” just becomes silence, you go from “MU” to goo, dissolving into your Wholeness.

I hope you enjoy practicing the “MU” meditation with me today!



If you’re a parent like me you want the best for your children – not just right now but for the rest of their lives.

We look at our kids and see real people with feelings, dreams and ambitions who deserve happiness and success….

But some look at our children and see only dollar signs and target them to become customers for life.

They’re called fast food companies – drug companies – retail corporations (think Target) and they’ve got marketing strategies planned out for the most vulnerable consumers from cradle to grave (and the money to make it work).

Whilst we’re able to watch what our children eat and how they live when they’re in our care, we’re not able to control their choices once they start growing up, moving out and testing out the world. Not to mention the massive amount of unconscious programming kids get using iPhones and related multimedia devices.

In fact, research shows that by the time a child graduates, it has spent more hours watching commercials than they have listening to their school teachers!

What we can do RIGHT NOW is empower them to take control over the choices they make, and empower them to do what we know is going to give them the best chance at living a full and healthy life.

We can lead by example. We love our children, show them through our living example that we care and want to see them happy – that’s far more powerful than advertising budgets or marketing campaigns.

That’s why I was so pleased to give a presentation at The Child Obesity Project event alongside some amazing experts like Dr John Demartini, Cyndi O’Meara, Elliott Hulse, Marc David and two of my CHEK Faculty – Jo Rushton and Jennie Delbridge.

In fact my presentation is LIVE right now and will be available to watch until 10am Tuesday Eastern time – make sure you don’t miss it (particularly if you have children) because there’s a LOT in there that I’ve never spoken about before!

Eric Hulse, CHEK HLC3 Practitioner and Teacher is also is giving his presentation today about Organic Gardening for Children.

It’s about time we’ve come together to address the issue of childhood obesity properly – because our children are all special and emotional and need to be treated as such.

You can register to save your seat for free and learn how to protect your child from the obesity epidemic. And when you register you’ll be able to download a copy of the Children’s Weight Loss Cookbook that is available – (Vidya also contributed recipes).

To learn more about my 4 Doctor Approach, read my multimedia ebook, or attend HLC1 in a city near you!

CHEK Course Completions

HLC1 with Joanna Rushton, Brisbane AU

Please welcome our newest HLC1 Coaches!.

Jo Rushton is a very busy woman not only teaching and Blogging for the C.H.E.K Institute, but also inspiring and empowering holistic health through her business and to thousands around the world. Thank you Jo for all the wisdom and love you share, I am grateful to have you on my team!

HLC1_Brisbane photo_100915

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog, the MU meditation, and that you enjoy my presentation and all the other great presentations available in the Childhood Obesity Project!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek