January 25, 2010

Level 4 Energy Healing

Wow, my students and I had a great day day of Native American healing! We began our day with a tea ceremony. I made them a special tea to help them relax inside so they could better feel both nature energies and their own as a means of helping them learn to feel their clients better. Our day included training on the use of rattles, drums, crystals, voice (toning and chanting), healing sticks, healing stones, healing art, how to write and perform an invocation for a healing ceremony, how to read and balance the chakra system, and how to perform a sun meditation. Needless to say, we were busy and the day went fast for me. I enjoyed sharing my home, garden, oranges and rocks, as well as Vidya’s awesome food with my students. We finished the day with a sun meditation and a short lesson on the Chinese art of stacking rocks. I’m sure you will get a sense of the day from the photos too!

I am really happy to share with my students how to use healing modalities such as art to invoke communion with their soul. I personally can’t imagine not using art – line, form, shape and color to change vibration inside and around me.

Well, enjoy your day where ever you are. If a challenge pops up, do you best to solve it “after you take a moment to determine if it is really a problem, or something best left alone because it won’t be an issue tomorrow anyway?”

Love and chi,
Paul Chek