April 21, 2014

I Open My Heart To The ONE

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had as great a weekend as I did.

I have a lot of preparation going on for my Australia seminar trip where I’ll be teaching HLC 2 and a series of seminars (learn more at: www.placeofchi.com).

That said, my blogs will be a little shorter for a while, and hopefully, some of you will enjoy not having to think so much as you watch/read them.

Today, I begin my shorter format, and hope you enjoy it.

In my blog today:
1. I Open My Heart To The ONE meditation and practice.
2. Highlights from my last 4 days of client coaching with Jason, my amazing Zero Force Coaching student!
3. Highlights of the unveiling of my mother’s new sculpture of Father Gregory Boyle in his presence.

I Open My Heart To The ONE

Heart Open sutra and art
My life has been one big exploration of what life is all about, and how life works.

When we study such issues deeply enough, and for long enough, we naturally find what others on the same path have found.

The biggest answer I’ve found is that the purpose of life is to love. How life works is the actual process of love unfolding within and around us.

For the past several months, I’ve been in intensive training with Angie Lustrick, Chek HLC 1 and 2 Instructor.

During this time, we’ve covered a tremendous amount of information together so she truly understands my intentions and my message. She has mastered the information I’ve shared with her and taught it very successfully.

This has led us into deeper practices as she prepares herself to begin training to teach HLC3, and help me develop our new HLC4, which will cover the essentials of Native healing and modern shamanism.

Angie is a skilled, practicing shaman in advanced training with Michael Harner’s institute of Shamanism.

Because a huge part of any form of healing is being capable of connecting to, and expressing love to others, I asked my soul for a new method to practice with her so we can continue practicing and developing the skills we want to share with our students.

My soul gave me this teaching sutra, which is also a chant:

“I open my Heart to The One
I open my Heart to Every-one”

In my vlog today, I share how to implement this practice in your life. The basic instructions are:

1. “I open my Heart”: Practice feeling heart connection by feeling how your heart opens when you are expressing love in a way that feels safe to you.

This may be when loving your plants, your pets, or someone that you love.

2. “I open my Heart to The One”: Once you have the feeling and can remain in the state of heart-opening, envision and intend your love to reach the edges of existence, the infinite, the eternal.

In this practice, we embrace Existence, the Universe as “The One”; The One meaning all that expresses the embodiment of The Creator, Prime Source, the zero. Pt. field, GOD as God.

3. After feeling your love expand to the edges of eternity, and sending love to the Whole, we switch our intention by stating,

4. “I open my Heart to Every-one”. Now our emphasis is placed on sharing our love with any and ALL sentient beings.

Any being anywhere that is part of The One. This includes all the little creatures that keep the soil healthy, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and all beings we know about or don’t know about, but may well exist.

In this practice, we are acknowledging that The ONE is composed of a myriad of little-ones, like you and I and all the little ones that allow us to exist.

I find that I can enter very ecstatic states of bliss when I practice this method (“Thank you for guiding me my Dear soul!”).

I also find that when Angie and I practice together (which we do mostly by FaceTime on our iphones), we are able to connect to Wholeness and each other very easily and deeply.

I am often in so much bliss during our practice, I begin losing awareness of my ego-self and merge with the NOW very deeply.

I’ve been enjoying my personal practice and my practice sessions with Angie so much, I decided to make it the theme of my four-day Zero Force Coaching (ZFC) intensive with one of my most motivated and accomplished ZFC students, Jason.

I share the highlights of our amazing experiences below.

Just in case you are wondering who’s painting that is in my vlog today, that is Vidya’s amazing artistic expression of our sutra!


Vidya is my personal business manager and she and I have been working together for seven years. I still can’t even come close to painting like that!

If you would like to commission Vidya to create a painting or custom energy balancing jewelry for you or a loved one, feel free to contact her at: [email protected]

I hope you enjoy learning “I open my Heart to The ONE – I open my Heart to Every-one” with me on my vlog today.

I Open My Heart To The ONE  – Zero Force Coaching with Jason, Angie, Maggie, and Vidya

Jason has been coaching with me for over two years now, and has made incredible progress in every area of his life in that time.

We love it when we get together a couple times a year for intensive ZFC.

I have been teaching Jason a number of spiritual development practices, the latest of which was remote viewing.

Remote viewing is a skill that most people have a hard time developing, but without surprise to me, Jason and his wife were able to do it successfully in our first session!

Since Angie and I had been practicing my new sutra and having amazing experiences, it felt natural to share the practice with Jason and Vidya during this past four-day visit together.

Jason is a really loving man. He always brings me highly unique, and practical gifts.

Jason gives Paul sword

He studies with a couple different tai-chi Masters, and among his practices he works with the sword. He loves his sword katas and as a gift, he brought me a handmade sword from about 1850 China.

This is quite special to him and I because last visit, he gave me a hand carved stone dumbbell from the same time period in China that was also made in China.

Jason Sword chi

Here you can see Jason practicing his sword katas outside in my tai-chi area.

To begin our inner-work together, Angie (and her dog, Maggie), Vidya, Jason and I went to my stone circle for some drumming and chanting of our sutra, “I open my Heart to The ONE – I open my Heart to Every-one”.


I typically use harmonizing methods such as this to help open and balance everyone before we enter into our artistic expression of what we are working on/healing.

Angie was here to work with Jason as well. She’s a skilled shaman/healer and I wanted to share the experience of her work with Jason, which he was excited to experience. She spent two days working with us, which was lovely.

Paul Jason Drum

I have been studying and practicing art therapy for ten years now, and have found art to be one of the most powerful healing modalities I’ve ever explored – hands down!

As a shaman, I use art therapy to read the subconscious minds and ego minds of myself, and my clients. There is MUCH that is said in art that we don’t or can’t say in person.

Paul painting I Open My Heart sutra

By understanding art therapy, I am better able to understand people and their challenges. In the photo above, you can see me painting what occurs within me when practicing our “Heart opening” sutra.

Paul Open Heart

This is Jason’s painting after the first day finished. You will see it change as it rises from the depths of his being.


Jason Open Heart

Here you can see me with my finished painting. Jason really loved it so I gave it to him as a gift to take home with him.

Paul Art

I’m excited to see what he does with it at home. He’s got a great natural talent for style, so I’m sure he’ll make it look even better with his choice of location.

We spent time getting deep into our tai-chi together as well. Jason can generate one of the strongest chi-fields in and around him of anyone I’ve ever worked with.

Paul and Jason tai-chi Heaven 4-19-14

He’s a very committed practitioner and I’m sure that everyone who works around him is getting free healing every day just by being in his field!

On Sunday, we spent the majority of the day going over Jason’s recent conditioning program, and fine-tuning techniques. Here you can see us practicing rhythm swings with kettlebells.

Jason Paul KB

I designed three new programs to keep Jason going while I’m in Australia and we spent the day practicing all the exercises to get his form mastered, which comes quite quickly for him.

We got to do some fun heavy lifting too, which we both love. We did some rock stacking this trip too, but didn’t get any photos, but maybe next time.

A special thanks to Jason for being one of the very best students of my teachings I’ve ever had the joy to teaching.

We’ve covered more ground in two years together than I can cover with most people in 5-7 years of training, which makes it very exciting for me.

I get the joy of seeing Jason live my 4 Doctor teachings with his family, at work, and lately, he’s been out getting involved in university meditation programs, and offering his own 4 Doctor wisdom to the business community.

Paul Jason Open Hearts

Thanks Jason. My legacy is certainly alive in you Bud!

Vidya art

Thanks to Vidya for all your love and support. These intensive trainings can be long days, and Vidya is always there to participate, feed us great food, and keep the boys on track…

Angie Art

Thank you Angie for your amazing love and healing powers. Jason loved your healing session and looks forward to doing it again soon!

Angie's Open Heart

If you want to learn more about Angie Lustrick, you can visit www.angiesworld.com and you can also take HLC 1 with her next week in New York City if you move quickly!

To register for HLC 1 in NYC with Angie Lustrick, go to: www.CHEKInstitute.com

Father Boyle Unveiled!

Some of you may remember a past blog where I reviewed Father Gregory Boyle’s book, Tattoos Of The Heart, which is excellent!

So excellent in fact, he gave me faith that good things can come from Catholicism!

I learned about Father Boyle’s amazing life-work from my mother, Meera Censor, who is a renowned sculptor and has spent her life studying and sculpting the world’s great peacekeepers; you can learn more at www.humanitariansculpture.com and you can see her beautiful book there too.

Father Boyle and Moms Sculpture

Here you can see Father Boyle receiving the sculpture at a ceremony for him at Marymount College. I would love to have been there to meet him, and celebrate his life’s work with him in person, but I’m sure glad my mother shared her love with this incredible man!

If you would like to see the news report on the unveiling of my mother’s sculpture for Father Boyle, feel free to click here:

Well, that’s what’s going on in my life lately.

I hope in some small way each of you feels inspired to “Open your Heart to The One – to open your Heart to Every-one”.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek