January 13, 2020

How I Choose Organic Products With Drew Canole

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your week is off to a great start!

As I remind you a lot, just 6 percent of the food eaten in this world comes from organic sources, which means the rest of it comes from high-profit, low-quality commercial manufacturers.

So many people buy food like they’re always on the lookout for cheap gas, never realizing consuming all of that garbage means they’re harming their health.

This is a very dangerous assumption for people to make, and I’ve talked a lot about the consequences of eating foods that were grown with toxic soils and chemicals on my blog/vlog.

Eating foods from organic sources isn’t cheap, although I’ll remind you it’s a HELL of a lot cheaper to buy foods that support your health naturally and effectively than it is to spend money on medical bills or health professionals like me!

How I Choose Organic Products With Drew Canole

Endorsing organic food choices

You may have been wondering how my family and I choose what kinds of foods we eat to protect our health.

Last week, I shared an excerpt from my recent Living 4D With Paul Chek podcast with Drew Canole, the author of the wonderful book, You Be You: Detox Your Life, Crush Your Limitations and Own Your Awesome, and the creator of FitLife.TV on YouTube.

How I Choose Organic Products With Drew CanoleDrew spends most of his day running Organifi, the superfood company he founded five years ago.

If you listen to my Living 4D With Paul Chek podcasts regularly, you know the show is currently sponsored by Organifi, an arrangement I hope will continue for a good long time.

Before I would consider endorsing food products from anyone, I had to test them myself. I’ve seen too many of them that are produced under the guise of bogus organic certifications.

If I could find something that’s easy to use and is high quality, that would be a great gift I feel comfortable sharing with my friends, my family and you…

In this latest Living 4D With Paul Chek podcast excerpt, I take a deeper dive into my process for choosing products that I’m willing to put my reputation behind, and Drew explains in great detail how he built his line of NSF-certified Organifi products, made from non-genetically modified ingredients.

Just to reiterate, I have a deep understanding of the concept of karma. I tell my students love is a boomerang… whatever you put out will come home to you.

For me to promote something on the podcast, I have to know that I’m actually enhancing a person’s life. I don’t give how much money you offer me. You could offer me $10 billion and I would rather be broke but I’d be able to sleep at night.

It’s that simple…

After watching my short conversation with Drew, if you like what you’ve seen, I hope you’ll listen to our much longer Living 4D conversation.

And, if you’re already thinking about trying Drew’s Organifi products, I’ll make it easy for you…

Drew is still offering Living 4D With Paul Chek listeners a 20 percent discount on Organifi products. Just pick the ones you want, then type in the discount code CHEK20 when you’re ready to checkout.

I’ll be back next week with something new to share with you!

Love and chi,