July 4, 2018

Follow the Food to Find Your Future

Follow the Food to Find Your Future

You may find this week’s vlog on food is a familiar one to some of you, but some of the things I’m talking about here (and my upcoming Earth Wire series) can never be restated enough.

The most important thing I’d like for you to get out of my vlog is to have a better understanding of why you are what you eat.

According to current research, you turn over every single cell in your body — from your teeth and bones to your toenails — annually, a huge change from previous estimates that assumed the process took seven years.

Taking that one step further, the cells that make up your body can’t be any better than the food you’re eating or the water you’re drinking. Visualize building a house out of cheap materials, then imagine something as benign as a mild tremor from an earthquake coming along that tears down the entire foundation.

That very same analogy applies very directly to our bodies and the foods we eat and the liquids we drink.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t learning the lesson. Only about 6 percent of the food eaten worldwide is organic according to recent estimates, meaning the remaining 94 percent is grown and manufactured commercially.

It’s mind-blowing just to imagine the incredible amounts of money being spent on low quality food, based on a ridiculous notion supported by some nutritional scientists that food is merely calories.

These “experts” also believe we can be saving lots of money by buying cheaper food produced on commercial farms, just like shopping for gasoline or books… an extremely dangerous idea.

Toxic soils, toxic chemicals

Getting down to the basics, foods on commercial farms are almost always grown on toxic soils. In other words, the regular application of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, rodenticides and other chemicals on farms is an indication that most foods produced in agriculture are of a very low quality.

As we keep using these farming chemicals, we have to keep using more and more of them because the nature and quality of the soil becomes diminished over time. This constant saturation of chemicals interferes with the health, immunity and vital life force of plants, progressively weakening them too.

That’s not all. Researchers have discovered some grains are sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals as many as 10 times in the warehouse even before they get to food manufacturers and eventually to your dinner plate. This probably explains why some grains or commercially grown coffee contains very, very high levels of pesticides and other chemicals.

Follow the Food to Find Your Future


Imagine what happens as soon as you add hot water or cook foods saturated with chemicals. Combining these things then cooking them in high heat creates new chemicals we’ve never seen before.

Now, think of all of the new health complications just because your liver has never been exposed to these new chemicals. Because your body never developed the enzymatic pathways or a mechanism for neutralizing those chemicals or eliminating them from your body, these toxic substances get shuttled into your fat to protect you so that they don’t get into contact with your nervous system and organs.

That’s just one toxic scenario.

Investing in toxic companies

Another point to consider when you’re buying food: Not only are you investing in your future, but the foods you buy are funding huge corporations. Therefore, in a very direct way, you are “voting” for their destructive practices and the way they do business, including the dispensing of their products in plastic and aluminum containers.

There is a massive amount of plastics being used in everything along the food chain, from shipping to packaging and processing. Any time that you’re dealing with plastics like that, you’re opening yourself up to needless exposures to xenoestrogens and other nasty chemicals. None of them do anything good for your hormonal system or any aspect of your physiology.

Follow the Food to Find Your Future


Aluminum cans are bad news too. I can’t even tell you how many people I’ve done functional medicine testing on and found high levels of aluminum in their body which really screws up the body’s immune system.

Because I understood a long time ago how juggling all of these variables could be really confusing, I developed the Energy Chemistry Hydration Organisms (E.C.H.O) concept several years ago to help people be more mindful about them.

When we care for the environment and are conscious about the energy we use, keep our chemistry in balance and drink clean water, we’re creating healthy organisms and enhancing our own E.C.H.O, which is what life is all about.

What can you do right now?

Knowing that I’ve thrown a lot of information at you all at once, here’s some suggestions and resources you can use to begin the process of cleaning up your diet and, in the process, your health:

  1. Buy certified organic foods.
  2. Look for community supported agriculture in your town. (The easiest way is to start at your local farmer’s market. Use this link to find one near you.)
  3. If money is a concern, start small with free-range organic meats first.
  4. Follow the principles I outline in my You Are What You Eat program.
  5. Look for high quality sources of clean drinking water at FindASpring.com.

You can also learn more about healthy eating and how much clean water you should be drinking every day by reviewing my book, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy, too.

Every dollar you spend is either funding corporate destruction of the world and destroying your health, or you’re supporting people who are taking care of the soil of our planet and farming good food and enhancing your E.C.H.O.


Have an awesome Fourth of July!

Love and chi,