June 21, 2013

Happy Solstice! & Meal Spacing for Optimal Health

Happy Solstice to You!

Today, I thought I’d share some information about meal spacing. I’ve had many people ask me why it is that I say in my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! that you shouldn’t skip meals, and then in other video, audio, or written sources, say that some people don’t need to eat breakfast.

kids eating watermelon

There are a variety of issues to be addressed to answer that question, so I’ve shot a video (above) to explain them briefly. Some of the factors that should be considered in regard to meal spacing for “individual needs” are:

1. Are you actually hungry?

2. Are you eating right for your Primal Pattern™ Diet Type?

(Carb/Sympathetic dominant/Equator Types, for example, often naturally don’t need to eat so much, or sometimes at all in the morning.)

3. Are you constipated?

4. How much stress are you under?

5. Are you taking medical drugs?

6. Are you showing signs of toxicity?

7. Are your sleep (circadian) cycles disrupted?

A. Getting to bed too late?
B. Jet travel?
C. Are you using coffee or other stimulants in the morning or in the afternoon from 3:00 onward?

Any one or combination of these factors can result in altered meal spacing patterns.

Some Great References for you are:

My Book: How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

My multimedia eBook: The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now!

My audio MP3: Identifying Your Primal Pattern® Diet

My audio MP3: Your Body NEVER Lies!

I’d love to hear how you apply my principles of meal spacing to your life and your family’s lives!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek