November 12, 2010

Don’t Stop Laughing Along THE WAY

Hello and good morning!

I hope you have woken with a willingness to create and live your dreams today! I am.

We are born in a state of unbiased connection to All that IS. The infant has no preconceived notions as to what is right or wrong; it will pee in your face! The infant creates spontaneously and has no a-priori (prior knowledge) faculty for judging it’s own creations. In that state of no-mind, all creation is (worthy of) experience. There is such a bundle of spirit contained within the child that it is as the sun bursting in every direction.

In short order, the unadulterated mind of the child is exposed to conditioning; it needs to learn that fire is hot and all living beings deserve their fare. Yet, when we do this and say to the child, “don’t do that! Good girl! Bad boy!,” it creates a confining cage – “If you do this, I’ll let you do that”!the child now discovers itself dancing on a shrinking stage. In that moment, spirit finds itSelf being conditioned (as self or ego); not by it’s own internal drives, desires or reality, but by those that (often dangerously) suffering from their own limiting ego-conditioning.

Born without any concept of “heaven or hell”, with a great and beautiful expanse of no-mind, the natural child sees all things as they are – dancing joyously with the stars as a way of seeing and being that can only be experienced without judgment. The child’s disposition is far more joyous than it’s parents and adults in general. This fact can be exemplified by the reality that researchers have found that the (unconditioned) child laughs approximately 450 times a day, yet the average adult only laughs 4-5 times a day!

That said, it is worth meditating as to who is having more fun – the conditioned mind, or the unconditioned mind?

Many trails,
many doors
touch the handle – it is

The House of Spirit,
has no walls, yet
through the window,
Father Sun calls.

empty, has no thought, for
if it did, you would be caught!
In the middle is no-thing, but
an ocean – well and spring.

Though the river may flow south,
wise fish swim North and
are let out.

No longer to be found
on any page,
Free of judgment
Free of rage.

Open The Door and
let the Sun through,
follow The Way to
the rest of you.

Here’s to the unconditioned mind that loves to laugh along The Way!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek