July 21, 2010

Do you have an intimate relationship with Silence?


Well, here I am yet again. Another Beautiful Day!

I began my day, as I do each and every day, with a cold shower at 4:00 AM; cold showers shock the body into sympathetic harmony. A cold shower has the effect a conductor has when he raises his wand – the musicians immediately silence – ready themselves for concert (you may want to look up the definition of that word instead of assuming its meaning). At night, when we fall asleep, we go into parasympathetic harmony. Our whole life can be broken down into the elements of silence and note (vibration); which is more enduring? This is an important meditation – silence vs. note.

I have to say that it is truly amazing to me to experience some of the negative commentary on my teachings regarding “GOD”. For example, when I made the CHEK Mandala public we began getting all sorts of calls from people saying things like, “if Jesus isn’t in Paul’s diagram, I can’t support his teachings”!and we had practitioners calling in saying that they were losing clients because my mandala wasn’t reflecting a Christian orientation.

What most people don’t seem to realize is that the very reason I’ve “consciously” chosen to teach my students about metaphysics is because the most common cause of disease and mental-emotional unrest I find when working with clients is challenging issues with God and religion! The atheists get upset when I mention God because their experience is essentially that there is no God. So, an interesting pattern emerges: Unless a person hearing me is open to exploring another view-point, I’m (my views) in contradiction to their belief, and therefore, they feel it necessary to become combative in order to defend their God. This is all very amusing to me, for the very act of learning is an act of change! As I tell my students:

To learn is to change
To change is to learn
If you can’t change, you can’t learn, and
If you can’t learn, you can’t change!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I propose that “GOD” is that which can exist within, and “without” the Universe. Consider that according to solid scientific research, all things created are composed of vibration, ranging from light to matter. All things created are temporary; they begin to die (radiate) the moment they are born – this is an atomic fact! Therefore, any “thing”, be it your body, your ideas, or your god, are temporary. GOD is Eternal.

SILENCE is the Well-Spring of Creation.

From silence comes vibration (note), which emerges as frequency (Hz); frequencies can be organized into octaves, tones, overtones, pitch, timbre, amplitude, etc. Yet, all “songs” come to an end – Silence endures eternally – ever present. When we identify ourselves with “a God” that can be differentiated from any other God, we have reduced “GOD – SILENCE” to a thing, or things. No “thing” (vibration) can give birth to silence, it can only return to it so-to-speak. All “things”, including “ideas” (God is an idea if you can speak about it in descriptive words), are temporary. When we worship “things”, we worship the temporary, and, all things depend on other things for their existence. That’s easy to prove; all vibration depends on silence for its existence, therefore, no “thing” can be “GOD”, only a self-ordained “god”, and gods war with each other ceaselessly!

Today I invite you to enter silence. There, you will find the persistent nature of the conditioned mind relentlessly dancing on your silence. When we are unable to merge with silence, we exemplify our inability to control our own minds. When people are unable to control their own minds, they are unable to control “ideas”. When people can’t control ideas, they can’t create a sense of self-esteem, because essentially, they don’t know who they are; the ideas are forever changing in them and they are forever fighting to “keep their ideas constant” the way a baby likes to keep the idea of a breast constant for it’s sense of safety and security.

Until we can all get off the tit of the temporary together, we will all be at loggerheads as to what GOD is. Once we know through our own authentic experience what SILENCE IS intimately, then we at once see the humor in the whole show and can have compassion and empathy for those that fall in love with vibration, yet ignore it’s mother.

May we all be brave enough to get to know SILENCE together in celebration of life!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek