July 20, 2010

Mother Nature Disconnect

Greetings for another Great Day on Planet Earth!

As many of you can imagine, I have a very extensive collection of books, DVD documentaries, and thousands of articles on issues of the earth and our relationship with it. When the movie “FOOD, Inc.” came out on DVD, I had every intention of watching it, but wasn’t in a rush since I’ve studied these issues extensively. Well, I finally sat down and watched it with Vidya while we had breakfast over a couple days. Needless to say, I was both delighted to see such great information available to the uninformed public, while being sadly reminded of how disconnected we’ve become from the love and nurture of Mother Nature.

I can’t recommend this DVD enough! Even if you are someone like me that feels “knowledgeable” on the subject, there are many deep reminders of the importance of living in tune with nature and using your living example to show others what it looks like to live and love nature. There were many sad reminders of how damaging corporate farming corporations are to the planet, the farmers, and to humanity at large! This DVD will certainly give one more motivation to shop, eat, and live more consciously!

I hope you will all watch it, learn from it, and share that love and knowledge with everyone willing to be shared with.

In summary then, as you watch this important DVD, “Use Your Heart To Feel What You Know”, and then, consider using your body to express what you (now) know such that your actions become living examples for all with less awareness to follow. This way, we can all work together to create harmony in the world, which is necessary if we are to leave today’s children with a beautiful garden to learn, play and grow in. Otherwise, today’s children will be limited in their studies to figuring out how to clean up oil spills, toxic chemicals, and how to find water and food on a dying planet!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek