August 15, 2016

CanFit Pro Fun!

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a lovely week and weekend.

As you read this, I may be flying home from a great trip to Toronto and Can Fit Pro.

I need a little break from filming blogs, so today, we are sharing one of my past blogs that maybe you haven’t seen yet: The World’s Greatest Weight Belt!

I hope you enjoy it.

Our Visit To The 2016 Can Fit Pro Conference/Trade Show In Toronto

We had a great trip in Toronto for Can Fit Pro this year.

I had a busy schedule of classes and workshops this year, so there wasn’t much time to do anything but teach, eat, teach, eat, wind down at night, and get up early in the morning to get my workouts in before it all kicked off.
Klaud Carl Penny George Tamas CI booth

Penny was busy with the C.H.E.K Institute team at the booth, and I found a few minutes to drop by, visit a little and catch up with many of my friends and students from the area.

I am very grateful for Penny and everyone who worked hard to support the C.H.E.K Institute and myself at the convention – a HUGE Thank you to all of you!

Barney Kuntz, it was great to see how fit, healthy and happy you are! Thanks for all your Love!

PC book signing Can Fit 2016

I signed a lot of How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! books at the booth. I know that these young fitness professionals are going to help a lot of people when they apply the knowledge that I’ve shared.

PC teaching Can Fit 2016

I started my teaching with a one-day preconference workshop on how to individualize your diet using my Primal Pattern® Diet Typing system, which went very well.

Advanced SB Training Can Fit 2016

I also offered two advanced Swiss ball training workshops, which were pretty much packed. Also, I gave a lecture on how to prepare for today’s commonly used functional exercise approaches to prevent unnecessary injury and enhance one’s athleticism and longevity.
Scale Test Can Fit 2016

I finished my presentations on Sunday morning lecture with a three-hour lecture titled How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! – A Spiritual Perspective.

HTEMBH Spiritual Perspective Can Fit 2016

The attendance was great and I felt like I was sharing the education most ideal for me to share at this stage of my life and professional development, which gave me a sense of satisfaction.

I did get a lot of great evening tai-chi sessions across from Rory’s place near the water in the park though, which was lovely.

We even got showered by some beautiful summer rains during a couple tai-chi sessions.

Debra at supplied us with amazingly good organic food for the trip, and Rory’s mother also nourished us with her lovely food too!

Lastly, a special thanks to Johnny Giroux, who consistently shuttled us back and forth to the Convention Hall each day. You are the best!

CHEK Advanced Training Completions

Exercise Coach, Florida with Dan Hellman and Nicole Devaney assisting!


Congratulations to our newest Exercise Coaches!

Dan Hellman is a seasoned CHEK Faculty and Nicole Devaney is in training to become one of our newest Instructors!

I am sure you all learned a lot, and by the looks on your faces, I am positive you had a lot of FUN!

Show-N-Tell With Paul

While I was away in Toronto with Penny, Angie was having a lot of fun doing photo shoots with Mana. Surgeon Mana

She created a variety of different costumes and I loved them all.

Chef Mana 2

We are all having the greatest time with our little guy. He sure does love posing for his private photographer!

I hope you enjoyed my blog today.

I’m on vacation for a couple weeks, and will be celebrating my 55th birthday on Aug. 24.

To be honest, I never thought I’d be this happy, or feel this great at 55, so all is well. I look forward to sharing something new with you as soon as I’m rested.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek