March 26, 2012

Greetings from Tulum

Happy Monday!

Paul Jr and I have been here in Tulum, Mexico for 5 nights and 4 days. We hit the ground running when we arrived last Wednesday evening.

Our first task was to get our rental car; Penny usually handles these details when we travel and I felt like I’d bought another house by the time I got through all the Mexican extras, like having to buy insurance for the car because my insurance company doesn’t cover Mexico…

In the end, our little car and insurance apparently cost as much as our place each day…

Still amazes me (I’m in the wrong business; The Mexicans are out performing their American teachers when it come to making money off of drugs and cars!)

We have been enjoying our bike rides through town and along the many stunningly beautiful beaches!

Yesterday, I was cruising the back streets to see and feel the culture. I saw many homes with dirt floors. Many were made of construction scraps. It is common to see chickens and goats roaming yards.

In many places, people just sleep in hammocks in the bushes.

I find it intellectually challenging to believe that these are the same genes that built the many temples in the area..?

To see “what was” versus”what is” now ( if viewed from the perspective that these are the people that actually built the pyramids and the civilization of that day) would be like Whitney Huston reincarnation with a clef palate!

I am in no way suggesting that the Mayan, Aztec, or local descendents aren’t beautiful people — They Are!

I’m only saying that the man who can build airplanes and fly them never again suffers the inability to effectively use the concept of the wheel!…

The food, on the other hand here has been excellent.

Here’s a shot of us at a great little beach resort with awesome food and service!

The waiter is definitely a great cook, But needs a little training as a cameraman!

Though there isn’t much of what we call organic food available, most local farmers are too poor to afford chemicals (I’m told). There is good soil mineral flavors in meat and produce.

Paul Jr has made a couple great mixed salads, which we’ve combined with left-overs for great meals.

I found the local gym to keep up with my workouts.

This is almost every big plate in the gym on a bar that should have been retired for safety reasons 20 years ago! Fun workout though, even if the equipment is falling apart!

I got a great massage yesterday from Mariccio, a very cool, well traveled, seasoned man who also enjoys art and acting. In fact, this place is loaded with what I’d personally call “very cool people!”

I feel like I’ve been so busy trying to root myself effectively that I haven’t had much time for reading or art.

I finally did have a vision of “The Spirit of Tulum” yesterday; below you can see what I’ve drawn so far.


I hope that where ever you are, you too are enjoying all the gifts of life!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek