August 31, 2023

Your Rite of Passage With Josh Tyler

Your Rite of Passage With Josh TylerHow in the world does a man living in today’s world figure out who and what kind of human being he really is?

Our daily lives chock full of distractions don’t make it easy for young men to focus on what’s really important for them to grow into responsible adults…

Not to mention, so many young people are deliberately insulated from the responsibilities of their actions by their parents who may be doing them more long-term harm than good.

When and how does that rite of passage ever come for them?

Most young men and women do lots of pretending at life but never get really serious about adulthood until it hits them in the face in some profound way, like having a child, but by then it’s probably way too late to expect them to grow.

Former MMA star Josh Tyler and I chew on what a rite of passage looks like today, how men and women can experience it for themselves and why it’s so important in this excerpt from our recent Living 4D conversation.


If you enjoy this segment, I hope you listen to my entire conversation with Josh that’s focused on what it means to be a good man as well as more tips on how to get there.

Love and chi,