August 24, 2023

3 Things About Water With Isabel Friend

3 Things About Water With Isabel FriendI’ve talked a lot about the subject of water over the years in my book, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, as well as my Living 4D podcast, largely for one reason and it’s a big one!

Water is life.

If we don’t have access to clean sources of water, we will die… simple as that!

Unfortunately, too many people of us take water for granted, expecting what comes from treatment plants through the pipes and to our homes to be clean and healthy when it’s anything but good for us.

Seventy percent of our bodies are composed by volume of water, but molecularly that number rises to more than 99 percent, according to Isabel Friend, an internationally known ambassador and steward of water and my recent guest on Living 4D.

Very early in our conversation, I asked Isabel to share three things that everyone should know about the water we drink, and all of them will surprise you.

For example, would you take water more seriously if you knew it was a living, conscious and highly intelligent entity?

And, did you know that an estimated 75 percent of our world’s population is dehydrated?

I have a strong feeling that you’ll learn a lot more about water than you ever expected, after absorbing this week’s blog/vlog conversation with Isabel Friend.


Love and chi,