March 27, 2010

Working with Moto Cross Racer Ricky Dietrich

Hi Everyone,
I thought I would share some of my work with Off Road Moto-Cross Champion Ricky Deitrich. Ricky is an amazing athlete and a joy to work with, because unlike most people that just want to lay there and have a therapist perform a miracle, he is willing to do the work and is a great student. Here you can see me releasing his illiopsoas muscles.


Below you can see me discussing how Rickey’s body feels after I put him through a series of infant development exercises to activate his core stabilizers. He was pretty amazed at how he felt taller and could feel the ground under his feet.


Professional Moto-Cross is a very demanding sport physically, emotionally and mentally. There is a lot of serious crashes and any pro racer usually has layers and layers of compensation and sport-specific neuromuscular imbalances. I’ve got Rickey tuned up for a big race Friday and I know he will have a beautiful experience racing with his newly tuned and balanced body!

Well, thanks for viewing and taking an interest in my work!