March 23, 2023

Why Do You Help Others With Nate Ortiz

Why Do You Help Others With Nate OrtizMy students who sign up for classes at the CHEK Academy do so for a lot of reasons…

At least 99 percent of them want to improve their own health and careers by learning how to help themselves and others get well from the inside out. Most tried allopathic “cures” and conventional strategies, and none of them worked.

That’s why my students identify what/who is their personal Pain Teacher very quickly in their education. It’s amazing to see how having that knowledge transforms the way they look and treat their own health and how they recognize those same struggles in their clients.

During our recent and very inspiring Living 4D conversation, HLC Level 3 Professional Nate Ortiz shared his why, and it should sound familiar to a lot of you. Experiencing poverty first-hand and surrounded by violence 24/7 from the time he was a young child, Nate saw what pain looked like and wanted the opposite for others.

But you can’t take a person’s pain away. I can teach a client how to remove that pain, but if they don’t do the things I recommend, I become their next favorite drug…

Do you have challenges with clients who want your help but don’t want to help themselves? If you do too, I strongly recommend watching my latest blog/vlog with Nate Ortiz.


If you want to learn more about Nate and his amazing life story, I strongly encourage you to check out our entire Living 4D conversation.

Love and chi,