March 16, 2023

Patterns With Robert Gilbert

Patterns With Robert GilbertThere are patterns in everything.

Every living thing — even something as basic and delicious as an apple — has them at a very simple level.

Once you acknowledge the existence of patterns, life becomes much easier to understand….

When you recognize them in your own life, you’ll know the difference between an unhealthy one (eating a diet full of SAD CRAP) from a healthy one (getting the right amount of sleep every night).

With those glimmers of understanding, you begin to see patterns all over the place in other people, and many of them are faulty.

Let’s say your best friend tells you his wife expects him to earn $200,000 a year to make his wife happy. Is that pattern — his ability to earn a six-figure salary — a reasonable pattern that helps his marriage grow or a crappy one that leads to more toxic demands and an eventual divorce?

In this very special blog/vlog from my Living 4D archives, I explore the existence of patterns with Dr. Robert Gilbert, host of Gaia series, Sacred Geometry: Spiritual Science.


Love and chi,