May 19, 2021

What Does It Mean to Thrive as an Athlete?

What Does It Mean to Thrive as an Athlete?Happy Wednesday!

Have you ever wondered what it means thrive as an athlete?

First and foremost, it’s important not to BS yourself! The typical athlete won’t tell himself or herself they’re tired when they really are, or that they’re able to do more than really can at the time.

They talk themselves into believing things like they have no time to spend with their partners and kids because they’re too busy getting ready for their next event.

NONE of those things really help you thrive in the long run as an athlete.

To thrive as an athlete, you must have an intimate relationship with your body and know it as intimately as your favorite book or movie.

If pain shows up in your body (as it always does), this tells you there’s something going on you really need to be aware of that may not only temporarily debilitate you but cause long-term problems.

In other words, learning how to thrive as an athlete not only means investing time working on your body, but bringing conscious within it.

So many athletes are focused on the finish line or outcome, they’re not connected to the process. They’ll do just about anything to get through that process just to accomplish that single goal, often at the expense of their health and vitality.

In this week’s blog/vlog, I’ll share more of these important indicators, plus some simple steps you can take RIGHT NOW to help you achieve your physical goals by becoming more aware of what your body really needs minus the biohacking and devices that tell you what you should already know deep down in your soul and body.

Love and chi,