June 3, 2021

Do Your Homework on Vaccines!

Do Your Homework on Vaccines!Happy Friday CHEK Tribe!

As you are all very aware, there is a lot of confusion about COVID-19, the actual statistics of infection, the authenticity of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, who is most susceptible to infection and, therefore, who is most likely to be a candidate for the vaccination.

As I clearly shared in my Living 4D conversation with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on vaccinations in general, there is a lot we don’t know, and a lot in them that we don’t have good explanations for other than, as she informed us, that they are toxic and can be very dangerous.

It is not my intention, nor has it ever been, to make such critical decisions for anyone, and nor should it be (in my opinion) for any CHEK Professional who isn’t a physician to make these choices for their clients/patients.

Instead, it is our job and function to provide people with as much good information from reliable experts and science as possible.

With this in mind, I invite you to read this important article and video from The Defender. I believe both will help all CHEK Professionals provide information that everyone should be aware of so they can make informed decisions for themselves. (The 16-minute video embedded at the end of the article, COVID Vaccine Secrets, is excellent!)

Propaganda is not scientific information, and should be illegal across the board, particularly when it is being offered as science or fact!

One of the key tasks of anyone wanting to authenticate any scientific claim is to follow the money and see who is funding the research, and will benefit from people believing it as fact or truth.

Do Your Homework on Vaccines!

Whenever there are connections between scientists doing the research and their paychecks/bonuses (seen or unseen by the public), and the products being promoted as essential based on such research — not to mention product manufacturers that have financial links to researchers, or corporations doing the research or making the products to be sold — the validity of the research and any subsequent findings should be considered highly suspicious!

In fact, this is exactly what has been going on in the medical drug, vaccination and chemical industries for many decades.

Already, the issues of our day surrounding COVID-19, vaccines and related issues and agendas have changed the face of culture worldwide, and stand to further limit people’s access to health products, safe drugs and anything else that may help you stay healthy.

Thus, it seems only wise that all CHEK Professionals look carefully at what research is available and listen carefully to credible experts, like Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Kelly Brogan, Dr. Christine Northrup, Joseph Mercola and Bruce Lipton along with many others if you actually make the effort to look for them.

Please review the article and video from The Defender to inform yourself. We cannot begin to solve problems holistically if we are only aware of one side of any issue.

Believe me, the opinions and advice of medical organizations like the AMA are easy to find. They’re plastered all over the news!

However, when these groups spend countless millions to censor the voices of others just as qualified — if not much more — to educate and support you in your personal right to decide what you will do to protect yourself and what freedoms you should or shouldn’t have, you’d be foolish not to evaluate the information on both sides of the issue.

That’s my personal opinion.

Love and chi,