December 23, 2019

Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

Tips For Healthy Holiday EatingHappy Monday before the Christmas-New Year holiday!

This is the beginning of that time of the year most people turn off the healthy part of their brains and indulge in all sorts of foods and drinks that often leave them wondering, “Why did I eat/drink THAT?”

Think of this week’s blog/vlog as a quick coaching session (a wakeup call for some of you!) before the holidays that offers you some guidance when you’re trying to make healthy decisions.

(A lot of these tips come from my Primal Pattern® Eating course which is straight out of Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC) Level 2.)

What is your dream?

I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s really important to be mindful about what kind of eating is dream-affirmative for your life, health and vitality.

For example, overeating pushes more food through your digestive tract than you can effectively digest, metabolize and eliminate, altering your transit and retention time.

This provides bad bacteria, fungi and parasites all the opportunities they need to harm you. Sure, you can enjoy all of those foods you typically avoid for a couple of days, but it could take your body a very long time to recover from them.

When I talk about your dream, I want you to think strategically about what happens to your health after the holidays.

Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

Have you set your parameters accordingly so when you show up to that holiday party and encounter huge spreads of foods and sugary, sweet desserts that you acknowledge your limits and follow them?

There are no blanket right or wrong answers here that apply to everyone. It’s all up to you to figure out your limits based on the quality of food you expect to find, setting the proper serving sizes and maintaining a healthy amount of carbs, flesh foods and protein.

(My Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections course can help you identify situations where these problems are harming your health and show you how to heal yourself.)

Are the foods you’re eating organically based?

When it comes to the average holiday party, the amount of organic foods you’ll find there is probably very low.

Only about 6 percent of the foods eaten worldwide come from organic sources, while the rest of it is grown in highly toxic and cruel conditions.

Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

So, what happens if you’re in a situation where the only options are to eat plants and animals that were raised in those conditions?

If my soul tells me it’s better to eat, I open my heart, connect to the foods and give them my love and gratitude for the life that they lived. I let it know that together will make the world a better place for all living beings now and in the future. And I invite them to join me to become human, and let them know that their lives will be ones full of meaning.

That’s probably not going to change the biochemistry of the food you’re eating, although I have seen research that suggests that it could do just that, especially research on healers and healing.

This does shift your mental and emotional relationship with food so it can be eaten with the conscious awareness of gratitude and thanks, as well as forgiveness for the unconscious behavior of human beings.

Also, I talk about thinking about how you’ll handle alcohol (a common cause of leaky gut) and being really careful not to over-indulge on the breads restaurants serve (it’s just one more way restaurants can get you to over-order foods that you’ve paid for but probably won’t eat anyway).

More tools to help you

If you need more help with holiday eating splurges and everyday challenges, you’ll want to listen to my recent Living 4D With Paul Chek podcasts with Wade Lightheart, where you’ll learn about digestive enzymes and other supplement strategies, and Dr. Nick Berry, where I talk about the 80/20 rule regarding eating and living life.

Look forward to talking to you next week!

Big HUGS and Happy Holidays!