December 11, 2019

Practicing the 80/20 Rule With Dr. Nick Berry

Practicing the 80/20 Rule With Dr. Nick BerryHappy Monday everyone!

Often, I’ve mentioned my 80/20 rule in passing on my blog/vlog without really explaining the “rules of the road,” so to speak.

If you follow your core values 80 percent of the time, you should be able to cultivate enough vitality and health that you can enjoy unbound play the remaining 20 percent of the time.

I created this rule to help people achieve a better sense of balance with their health, movement and diets and not to get too rigid.

This can also work the other way. Too many clients to count have spent their hard-earned dollars trying to convince me they’re following my 80/20 rule. After decades of reviewing their logs, I can spot what variables on the 20 percent side are creeping over to the 80 percent side very quickly.

(I can talk about the challenges I’ve had with clients justifying their bad behaviors till the cows come home, but those are stories I’ll share with you another day…)

My secret weapon

If you’re disciplined in following my 80/20 rule, it’s OK to accept the responsibility that comes from taking a wild ride on the 20 percent side, even if it’s going to hurt a little bit.

Maybe, I’m going to eat some chocolate, or Angie’s Mother might make some beautiful gluten-free chocolate brownies. I know those are death because they’re going to fire my fungal infection up.

Having a little extra support at the ready in the form of an essential oil can make a world of difference to our health, the subject of this blog/vlog excerpt from my recent Living 4D With Paul Chek podcast conversation with the amazing Dr. Nick Berry, who runs Essential Oil Wizardry.

I believe it’s healthy for all of us not to get so caught up in a fanatical relationship with our diet and other lifestyle factors we forget that living is really important too.

Following that single-minded approach to life can lead you down a one-sided road in relationship with Great Spirit. Do it long enough and you’ll live this illusion that you’re only loving Great Spirit, God or whatever when you’re following a rule book.

Essential oils can be used as secret weapons that help you deal with those 20 percent indulgences.

Just don’t use them as cure-alls for any health problem either. Drowning your body in essential oils while living like an idiot does your health no good.

My safe spot

Later on in this blog/vlog excerpt, I share a pro tip that will help you travel safely on the road with essential oils. It’s pretty much a full-proof way of handling them, with one important caveat. (If you’re curious about what I use for transporting oils in my suitcase when I’m traveling, take a look at this inexpensive lead film pouch made by Domke.)

I hope you enjoy this juicy part of my recent conversation with Dr. Nick. And, if you don’t wait too long, you may still be able to take advantage of a special deal for Living 4D podcast listeners on Dr. Nick’s amazing essential oils.

Save 10 percent on all of Dr. Nick’s single oils and blends by heading to Essential Oil Wizardry web page, choosing the products you want to try and using the promo code living4d when you check out.

Please let me know how you’re using and enjoying Dr. Nick’s lovely essential oils!

Love and chi,