November 13, 2019

Fighting Fungal/Parasite Infections With Wade Lightheart

Happy Wednesday!

Considering it’s been a while since I wrote about fungal and parasite infections on my blog/vlog, it must’ve been time for me to talk about them again…

In the middle of my very recent Living 4D With Paul Chek conversation with the amazing Wade Lightheart, something triggered me to talk about the work both of us have done on our own and to help others heal from fungal and parasite infections, the subject of this week’s blog/vlog.

Fighting Fungal/Parasite Infections With Wade Lightheart

Unfortunately, just like most health issues, many people waste tons of money on quick fixes like drugs and supplements that never really address the underlying problems, like a weakened immune system, a lack of rest and poor diets.

Having fungal and parasite infections are problems for sure, but they’re also opportunities for absorbing feedback from your body and learning from it.

By definition, learning is a measure of one’s capacity to change his/her behavior. Being present with and paying attention to your body helps you stay open to making those changes and are the keys to being healthy for a lifetime.

It’s easy for anyone to accumulate data about diet and lifestyle, but if you’re unable to take that knowledge and do something to help yourself heal, you’re merely a walking computer full of useless ideas.

Fighting Fungal/Parasite Infections With Wade LightheartLater on in our conversation, we get deeper in the weeds as Wade and I talk about how fungal and parasite infections, along with heartburn, can be affected very negatively by the lack of hydrochloric acid.

One of the most common misdiagnoses I see are people being prescribed antacids or a drug for reflux. When I encounter these situations, the first thing I recommend to my clients is testing for parasites.

Your body’s healthy production of hydrochloric acid is the first line of defense against any kind of living organism.

In my video, you’ll also learn how a little extra hydrochloric acid — like a pot of black coffee — can be just the thing to treat cows that have swallowed pieces of metal and barb wire too…

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