October 26, 2023

The Paranormal and Spirituality With Reinerio Hernandez

Reinerio HernandezI have to make a confession…

I wasn’t exactly sure what was in store for me before my Living 4D conversation with Reinerio Hernandez, a one-time U.S. Department of Treasury attorney who has become an expert in the realm of the paranormal.

Reinerio had long been an atheist and a rationalist who never gave a thought about non-human intelligence or UFOs until a decade ago.

That’s when he and his family experienced a 45-minute encounter with a UFO the size of a football field, an experience (based on what I’ve encountered throughout my life) that sounds perfectly plausible and very amazing.

Actually, that wasn’t the most surprising part of our conversation.

In this very special and moving excerpt from our Living 4D conversation, Reinerio shares how he accepted the gift of spirituality and God with the help of strangers who had experienced near-death experiences just like him and a robotic voice that welled up with him to speak to his daughter’s pediatrician about… NDEs.


Love and chi,