October 19, 2023

Sound as a Creative Force With Jonathan Goldman

Sound as a Creative Force With Jonathan GoldmanThe ability to hear sound is a beautiful thing, no matter if you’re sitting on your back porch in the early morning listening to birds chirping away or driving in your car and singing along to your favorite rock anthem.

Early on in my recent Living 4D conversation with author and musician Jonathan Goldman, we talked about sound in a very different way than many of you would view it, as a creative force in the universe.

In fact, Jonathan likens sound to the ebb and flow of life itself as evidenced by the original sound of creation, a humming known as Ohm

This awareness of sound at the point of creation and creativity sets the stage for much deeper discussion Jonathan and I have about the healing properties of sound and so much more in our full conversation you can find on our Living 4D website.

Love and chi,