March 28, 2013

Show and Tell Day!

Happy Thursday (Friday for me!).

I had a lovely day yesterday. My work-In and workout consisted of building a water charger for a client; I’ll share photos below.

There have been fun and important messages piling up in my in-box that I haven’t yet had time to share with you, but today is show and tell day:


Gavin Jennings (our Chek Europe Affiliate) started and is successfully running a special Academy for the specific purpose of growing and developing CHEK Practitioners at all levels of training, from entry level, through Chek Level 4.

The Academy uses a multi-modal teaching format and includes mentorship support. The quality of Gavin’s program is excellent and the CHEK Institute Faculty that work with Gavin have been very impressed with his academy program.

To learn more about the excellent learning support through the CHEK Europe Academy while they are still accepting applications for this year, please visit:

CHEK Europe & CHEKShop Ltd.

International affiliate of  & C.H.E.K Institute

T: 01704 821 321

Fax:01924 667192

[email protected]


Paul Bourne is a rally racer, businessman, and CHEK Practitioner/HLC from Barbados. Paul’s been a great Zero-Force Coaching client of mine for some time now and we have had a great time growing and evolving together.

After Paul’s last visit with me for some focused healing work, I drew a piece of art that arose as my inner-vision of his spirit. Then, one day, a little while later, Paul informed me that he would be putting the picture I drew on his latest version of his racecar in preparation for the next rally event in Barbados.

I was tickled to think that a piece of my art would end up on a professional racecar! How Cool!

PB Birdman on car

PB Car art

PB Rally car

Above, you can see Paul’s Spirit-Bird on his car. You’d have to know Paul Bourne to really appreciate the synergy between the image I drew and Paul, but needless to say, he is a Spirit-Bird that LOVEs to fly!very fast! If it can’t be done, Paul can do it!

Paul Bourne is also very artistic and below, you can see a fun music video he created for his recent race. I really enjoy seeing my client’s creativity blossom and working with Paul has been invigorating to say the least!

If you want a taste of how amazing my clients can be,

have a look at the Paul’s cool music video below:


Bugs Do It!

Well, as you know, the birds do it, the bees do it, and!the bugs do it too! Life LOVES to recreate itself.

I was on a rest period while training and came across these beetles doing their special dance and had to chuckle. As I looked at this interesting get-together, I wondered:

–       Are they married?

–       Are they getting some extra on the side?

–       Do they have a safe environment and good food to raise their children?

–       Will they still love each other tomorrow?

–       What is their religion?

Hmmmm, only God really knows I suspect!

Spring Flowers Transition

I wanted to share this photo with you because it is so exemplary of the life process. These Jasmine flowers, sadly, only bloom for a few weeks. We are now into about the third week enjoying their beautiful scents and amazing beauty.

You can now see them beginning to die, while there are still some in bloom. This is a reminder that all things in life come and go. That each day is not static, but is a transition; a cycle nested within many larger cycles.

The time and duration that plants grow and flowers bloom, as Rudolph Steiner (Founder of Biodynamic Farming and the Waldorf school system) teaches, are all directly related to both terrestrial and extraterrestrial influences.

Some plants are more significantly influenced by given planets than others. There is a natural rhythm to the life of all living things and the movement of the planets, the sun, and starts.

Rudolph Steiner taught a variety of meditations for spiritual self-development. One of the first meditations I practiced from Steiner’s teachings was to pick a flower and spend time in meditation with it each day.

The meditation centers your awareness on the flower, “feeling” and noticing the changes in its physical appearance and energy state changes day by day. This brings the meditator into direct contact with the natural cycles of life, helping us put our life into perspective.

For many, this form of meditation is essential. I can’t tell you how many people I know of that reach their 30ith birthday, and feel deflated because they haven’t done anything of significance with their life.

The 40th birthday is even more trying if you’ve not moved past your limiting self-expression, and if you are still there when 50 rolls around, a challenging mid-life crisis experience is not uncommon.

When you are the flower wilting, hearing yourself say, “I wish I would have”!”I don’t know why I didn’t do more of…” isn’t good medicine, to say the least. So, get moving.

The bugs are getting into it, the flowers are braving their existence and sharing their love fully, without limitation, to the death!

Don’t be afraid to put some juice back into your life before you forget how to create joy in your own life.


Most of you who frequent my blog will be familiar with my conversations about, and photos showing my water chargers (I have a BIG one at home, and a beautiful smaller one here at my Heaven House).

I’ve been building them and doing research on them for several years now. The changes they create in the water placed inside them are amazing, radical real!

I’ve taken water of different qualities and done comparison tests before and after being in the chargers. Typical bottled water goes from being dead water to something that feels much wetter, and has so much energy that (particularly during the full moon) dances on your tongue as though carbonated.

The benefits to the water are too much to explain here, and the science behind it isn’t easy to explain such that most blog readers would really understand it, but there is ample evidence in the research groups focusing on water that these changes are quantifiable.

As time permits, I will begin researching the effects that occur, but will need to work with specific labs that have advanced testing equipment for assessing energetic shifts and other subtle qualities not commonly tested for.

One of my dreams for myself was to be able to incorporate building water charges for people that want a natural means for enlivening their water, and that dream has come true.

Angie Lustrick (The Ultimate Chek Professional contest winner: was the first to contract my services to build her a water charger for her home.

Angie Charger 1

Above, you can see me in the initial stages of the process. I hand selected the stones and had them shipped to her. Then, I went to Angie’s home and we unpacked the pallet together and staged them in her back yard, where you see me in the photo.

Angie Charger 2


Angie Charger 3

Angie Charger 4

Above, you can see the finished water charger. You can see me celebrating its completion. I finished the water charger as the sun was going down and shared dinner with Angie.

Because there are a lot of crystals used in her charger (they all differ depending on the person, location and unique needs of their environment), I thought, “Hey, why don’t we put a candle in the water charger and see what it looks like at night.”

Well, Angie did exactly that and that’s what you are looking at in the bottom photo. It was very beautiful to see and the light took on all the colors of the crystals. It bounced the light around like a disco-ball does, but without the rotation; it looked like a beautiful Christmas tree may look at Christmas time in the dark with lights on.

Angie has been doing a variety of tests on the water from the charger and comparing it to non-charged water and is getting amazing results. One of her tests was to put out two water bowls for her dog, Maggie. Angie recently informed me that her dog has not, and will not drink the water she use to drink before getting charged water. Maggie never chooses the uncharged water. Smart dog!

Angie also coaches an 82-year-old lady that she’s been having a real hard time getting to drink water; the lady says she just doesn’t like water, a comment I’ve heard from a number of my own clients. Recently, this lady came to visit Angie at her home and saw the water charger and was asking all about it. Angie gave her a taste test:

Option A: Water from Angie’s very high quality water filtration system in her house.

Option B: The same water as above, but after being in the charger long enough to fully charge.

Angie said the lady was blown away! She was amazed at how energized and alert the water made her feel. And, here’s the best part!the lady couldn’t stop drinking the water and downed a whole liter right in front of Angie!

If you are interested in having me build you a water charger, but want to hear from someone that has one, feel free to send questions to Angie through her web site and hopefully, she’ll have time to get back to you with her own experiences.


Jason is one of my longest running Zero-Force Coaching clients (I featured Jason and his mother in a recent blog) and Jason’s all about living naturally and utilizing natural technologies to ensure his health and vitality.

As soon as he learned I offered water chargers as part of my service-for-fee, he made an order for one.

Jason Charger 1

Because I have to ship Jason’s charger a few thousand miles to get to him, I decided to build it at KRC Rock near by in San Marcos, Ca. They have the best selection of rocks at the best prices of any vendor I’ve found, and they are easy to work with.

Here you can see the footprint for the water charger. I built this charger to easily accommodate a five gallon bottle (Angie’s holds 3 gallons) because Jason has very high quality spring water delivered in 5 gallon glass bottles and there’s no sense making a charger smaller than that or it’s just too much extra work.

Jason Charger 2

Here you can see how I build the charger, one stone at a time. There is a lot of careful work that goes into selecting the right stones to get the right effect, and then placing them in the right sequence to develop a living bio-electrical circuit takes a significant amount of skill and knowledge.

I got there early in the morning to start the build, which included taking quite a bit of time going through acres of stone options to choose the exact right stones; they have to stack correctly or I can’t close the top or have a door that works without the charger collapsing.

Lunch with Vidya

I fasted in the morning and did a ceremony to access the inner-guidance I needed for Jason’s charger. By the time Vidya came in the afternoon, I was starving from lifting rocks and carting them around for hours; but notice that I didn’t eat any junk food!

I asked Vidya to bring me real food! Real food is good for real people.

Jason Charger 3

Jason Charger 4

Here you can see the water charger progressively coming together. If you double click on any of the images and pay attention to the energy inside your body, you will notice that the energy from the picture influences your own energy field, causing it to move in harmony with the energy moving through the stones.

In the last photo above, you may notice that the energy circles the stones, but then pulls inward toward the water jug. Now, for fun, go to the next image below and try the same experiment.

Jason Charger final

Here is Jason’s completed charger. Double click on the image and then relax as you look at it with a soft gaze. Pay attention to how the energy moves inside your body.

You may notice that the energy circles in a vortex, climbing up and down the stones, changing angles as it goes. It will reach a cycle completion by letting out a big yang-charge, and then it starts through its cycles again.

This cycling of energy through the stones is created by the special type and combination of stones, resulting in the equivalent of a cosmic -powered bio-circuit.

Just as you can feel the energy cycling through your body by looking at the image, the much more powerful energy inside the charger spins the water molecules, creating harmonic resonance.

When you drink this water, it has been charged and tuned by the stones under the environmental influences of the earth, moon, sun, stars and local plant life.

When you drink this water, all the water molecules in your body immediately absorb the information. The result is that you are now in harmonic resonance with your environment.

This significantly decreases stress on your body and enhances your sensitivity to environmental energy; you can feel the sun going up and down when you can’t see the sun because you are inside. You can sense that the water feels and tastes different each day of the month, and notice significant changes when there is a full moon, and much more.

I took photos of every step of the process and number the stones so that when it arrives on a shipping pallet, all you have to do is follow the numbers and photos. This will be very easy for Jason because he’s got a lot of natural skill with stonework.

By the time I’d selected the stones, carted them to my build location, built, labeled, dismantled, weighted each of the stones to pay for them, and got the shipping pallet organized, I was shagged!

It was hot out in the open sun and it took all day to do the job with it being my total focus. I got home and took a nice cold PPS coaching call. A full day!

A great joy I get is knowing that wherever one of my water chargers is placed, it creates a significant harmonic signal that goes a long way into the surrounding environment. Both Angie’s and Jason’s water chargers will be a healing force for their entire neighborhood, without them even knowing it.

As an example, I’ve had many people stop by my home, unannounced, to tell me they appreciate my stonework because “they can feel a shift in the energy in the neighbor hood, and!can feel the difference when I change what I put up in my garden!”

Now that is cool to me! My love becomes a gift of unconditional love to all around me (unconditional in that there are no costs or strings attached. Just a gift).

I taught the students in my last zen In The Garden class how to build their own, but I’ve not had anyone let me know they’ve done it yet.

There is a lot more to it than just stacking stones, so maybe there are still working out the kinks. I’ll wait and see.

Well, that’s it for Show-n-Tell today!

Have a beautiful day wherever you are!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek