November 5, 2007

September ~ October 2007

Hello Everyone!

What a great pleasure to share my life with you yet again!

Since we last spoke, I’ve been many places. I’ll share my journeys and my lovely friends who’ve shared their lives and their journeys with me here so we can all journey together. But, before we start with that, I’ve got GREAT NEWS!

The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need! – How To Get Healthy Now is officially out NOW!

My new multimedia ebook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need! – How To Get Healthy Now is officially out NOW! You can view it and get the first chapter free if you visit I’m really happy with how it came out and!I’ve got several more in press so I’ll keep you posted as they are released.

After my last blog, I taught Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level III in Vista at the institute.

Here you can see me teaching my students how to perform what is often referred to as The Five Animal Exercises in Chinese medicine. Like most things, there are a few variations on the five animal theme. What I taught here were the bear, the tiger, the deer, the monkey and the dragon. These exercises are fun and allow people to play, to be spontaneous. I feel that today, people have incorrectly adopted the belief that exercise is meant to be rigid, structured, the same old stuff in the gym! but that’s not really what exercise is all about. It’s about movement, freedom, pumping the body’s fluids to keep it clean. Exercise is about creating energy and vitality in your life. For me personally, exercise is about creative expression. I see and feel exercise as a form of physical artistic expression. Exercise to me is but a variation on the theme of dance; sometimes I dance with weights in my hands, sometimes on the edge of a cliff, sometimes in the parking lot, sometimes in the bedroom too grin.

After I finished teaching HLC III, Penny and I took a week off together in Jamaica at the Couples Sans Souci resort in the little town Ocho Rios; I HIGHLY recommend this resort by the way! Awesome food, accommodation and service. In fact, here is a picture of Sonja. Sonja was the lovely lady that waited on me each morning at breakfast. We became buddies. She’s just the most beautiful little soul. She so reminded me of my buddy Phil DeLaire’s wife Donna (Donna, this girl is your Jamaican twin!)

What a BEAUTIFUL experience Jamaica was! Believe it or not I didn’t even bring my computer! I brought a HUGE bag of art supplies though. Loads of fun. Here you can see me sitting on the balcony of our suite.

While I was working out in their gym (really a great gym for a tourist destination by the way! Dumbbells up to 100 pounds, which is unusual) eating and creating artistic expressions of my inner-world, Penny spent most of her time teaching aerobics, step and aqua therapy classes. When she was done, she’s do what she loves to do whenever we go on vacation, which is to explore everything! Being married to a British woman has been interesting because I can see the core of British psychology in here; they are real explorers I’ll tell you; there’s no part of this globe the Brits haven’t put their prints on! Here you can see Penny out in the beautiful warm ocean snorkeling and meeting all the local fish and sea life.

The aerobics floor at the resort was an outdoor structure with beautiful views. A couple days, I went there to stretch and do Swiss Ball exercises and found it really cool because if I faced the ocean, I got this spectacular view, yet, when I turned around, I was facing a wall of mirror and I got the same view in reflection. While laying over my Swiss ball stretching my abs, I thought, wouldn’t it look cool to take a photo with my flash, so I did. When I looked at the photo

it immediately reminded me of Rudolph Steiner’s description of the experience we go through at death; he explains how the first thing we lose of our physical self-perception is our head and as you can see here, the flash has knocked out the view of my head, yet, to me gives the impression of soul-light. See, this is what I mean when I say exercise should be fun and spontaneous.

While I was at the resort, I must admit, I treated myself to a massage most days. This is because (yet another lovely surprise to go with the food and the gym) the massage therapy was EXCELLENT! Here you can see me standing in one of the lovely outdoor massage rooms

It was sunset and my massage therapist, Ruth, had just given me an amazing massage. This girl had massage strokes that I’d never experienced before. Somehow, she managed to move her body in such a way that it literally felt as though I was being massaged by about seven “strong!” women at once! Very cool indeed! This girl could really put it on you too!

While doing some stretching in a lovely little gazebo that sat on a rocky point out in the ocean, I was laying on my back and was amazed by the beautiful, powerful, and natural mandala created by the roof. If you allow your eyes to relax as you look at it and have no need to see anything specific, you will be able to feel the energy created by form. Spirit and Soul both love matter as form because to both Spirit and Soul, matter and form are both a means of expression (like paint to the artist) and a means of channeling energy. Form always conveys information and meaning to both the conscious and subconscious mind. If you can’t clearly connect to what I mean, simply think of how your psyche (and hormones!) react when you see a beautiful body in tight fitting clothes, a swim suit, or better yet, naked! Form really conveys meaning and since all information is energy, you are able to feel the meaning and the energy; each of us gleans the meaning that comes through our own meme (idea) structure and absorbs the energy in a way that is also governed by our needs and ideas at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of reality, since that’s what we are.

After I got home from Jamaica, It was time to go visit my brother Dusty (his real name is Karl but we nick-names him Dusty as a little boy because he loved to pour dirt on his head whenever we cleaned him up to go out!) and my father. Dusty is very multi-talented. He’s not only a highly trained mountaineering and caving guide with advanced life saving training, he’s a great chef! Here you can see Dusty creating what turned out to be a lovely piece of rock art

We stayed at my buddy Lloyd Anderson’s house. Lloyd has built a lovely little two story house on seven acres of forest just three minutes from downtown Courtenay, BC, which is my home town. Lloyd and I use to be sparing partners in boxing as well as training for kickboxing together. While my amateur boxing career led me to the U.S. Army Boxing Team, where I became team trainer, which ultimately led to my current career, Lloyd went on to become the WKA World Champion in full contact karate. Lloyd had a string of boxing titles to his name before he took up martial arts and his boxing skills quickly took him to the top of the full contact karate ladder. If you ever met Lloyd, you never know there was a tiger lurking inside him. He’s the most amazing, soft, loving and caring soul you’d ever meet; this is what a real champion is like by the way! Lloyd still coaches a few select fighters to this day, over 20 years later.

While visiting Dusty, we went to one of my old teenage hangouts, the Puntlage river. Here you can see Dusty playing a Tibetan bowl. Dusty and I are both very tuned to Nature Spirits and we love to entertain them; you’d be amazed at how grateful Nature Spirits are when human beings take time to show respect for and admire them. So few people today have retained any cognition of the tremendous gifts, beauty and love Nature Spirits bring us. They literally are the creative consciousness that serves as an interface between the astral worlds and the biosphere we live in. I love to draw them as well. If you’ve never seen Nature Spirits, you’d probably be blown away at what you can learn from Geoffrey Hodsons book, Kingdom Of The Gods.

Here you can see Dusty and I hiking back from Puntledge River (Vidya took the pictures – Thanks Vidya!). Dusty is also an excellent photographer, as well as his other talents. I’ll never forget the time I went mountain biking with Dusty, maybe eleven years or so ago. Being nine years older than your little brother can leave you with a kind of superiority complex – typical of the “big brother”. Well, I was a very successful motocross racer when I was young and am far better than average on a mountain bike as a result, yet, when I went for my first mountain bike ride with Dusty after being away from him for several years, needless to say, he handed me my lunch! It was really cool to see my little brother expressing so many of the talents that I can now see are genetic gifts from our parents (Dusty’s mother is my mother and Dusty’s father is my step father).

Here you can see Vidya McNeill (P~P~S Success Mastery Mentor) and I together on the Ferry from Vancouver Island to the mainland city of Vancouver, BC, where the ferry docks. We drew this artistic rendition of how we feel when we are together. We have the most beautiful, loving friendship. Vidya and I work on a number of projects together and she travels with me from time to time. Penny’s often too busy to go to all the places I need to go to, or want to go to so she’s happy to have Vidya travel with me, which is very cool because not only is Vidya an incredible person to spend time with, she’s a great cook too! Thanks for all your Love and Support Vidya! You teach me so much when we are together; between you, Penny, Nancy (my assistant) and all the lovely women in my life, I’m sure that the Divine is a Female Form!

When Vidya and I returned home from Canada, we spent a day creating art, dancing, and practicing a variety of methods of spiritual development. We invited one of my best friends in the world over to be with us. That is Rhonda Fuller, who you can see me sitting outside meditating to the sunset with in front of Penny’s and my house in Vista; Hello Rhonda! I love you Dear!

One of our spiritual practices that day was to create a piece of art that reflected the message in a very beautiful prayer given to me by Sook Fun Chen. Sook is one of my HLC III students and she’s got the most amazing energy field. One day as I stood talking to her at class, I was enveloped by the most beautiful white rose; her entire energy field held the form of a white rose and the energy was so pure and clean; I typically only see this sort of energy field in a very evolved being, someone that’s done tremendous inner-work to become truly human (Like Vidya!, Penny and Rhonda and Master Fong Ha or Master Jesse Tsao!). When I saw this I told her what I had seen and asked her what her spiritual practice was and she told me about the meditation her Spiritual Teacher had given her and she gave it to me. Sook’s meditation is what Rhonda, Vidya and I used that day as our theme for the day and our artwork.

Here you can see what I was inspired to draw or express as I meditated on Sook’s meditation, also shown here. My writings say, “Christ appears exactly as you are!” This message also inspired me to produce a recording for my P~P~S students (which I call a meditative contemplation) that I titled What Color Is Your Jesus?

In my recording I pass along the beautiful message from meditating on Sook’s prayer, which for me was, Christ can’t comeback because as a Christ, One can never leave! If you read a good metaphysical dictionary, like the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary by Charles Fillmore, you will find that the term “Christ” means much the same as the term “Buddha” in many ways. When one reaches Christ hood, their presence, their very essence is everywhere! They are forever here to support the return of all sleeping souls, just the way a Buddha’s soul stays with us until we are all liberated. In my recording, What Color Is Your Jesus, I make it clear that Jesus is ALL-WAYS coming back every moment, AS YOU! The theme What Color Is Your Jesus is one in which I explain, via the chakra system, that who and what you are each moment as a person determines how Jesus really appears in your life and the life of all others that you touch. If there is to be a second coming of Christ, rest assured, It will only be through your acts of godliness – none other!

Here you can see Vidya’s beautiful artistic expression of Sook’s prayer. Vidya constantly amazes me with her beautiful, smooth, soothing feminine strokes. Over and over again as I look at her art, I find myself melting into my heart. Vidya is truly one of the most spiritually evolved human beings I’ve ever had the joy of sharing my life with. Thank You Vidya for all your love, support and Guidance!

Here you can see Rhonda’s beautiful expression of Sook’s prayer as well. Rhonda, like Vidya, has a beautiful feminine way of expressing herself. It was such a beautiful and special day being with Vidya and Rhonda. I feel so blessed to have people that I can be around when I’m not traveling and teaching that not only don’t need anything from me, but add so much to my life! That is really what friendship is supposed to be like.

After we’d worked on our artistic rendition of Sook’s prayer, it was time for some music and dancing in my living room. I’m blessed to have an amazing stereo and it literally feels as though the musicians are right there in my living room with us, which makes it really fun. But, not as fun as watching this beautiful woman dance! Rhonda is a fantastic athlete, surfer, mother, massage therapist and C.H.E.K HLC Practitioner. Some of you may recognize Rhonda from my Swiss ball and medicine ball videos.

While at home, I got a surprise call from my best buddy from the army. Brad Stockman (shown here with me) and I went to Advanced Individual Training in Ft. Eustis, Virginia Together. Our job was to repair weapon systems on Cobra helicopters. The training was intensive and long. I had to go to math school to develop the mathematical skills to calculate loads on circuits and the like. Then, I was sent off to electronics school, which is where Brad and I met. We were in the same class and after one almost one year of training, Brad, myself and one other guy (his name slips my mind now?) tied three ways with but less than a 1% point spread after some 26 tests! My grade point average was 97.3%, Brads was higher than mine and I don’t remember if the other guy in our class beat us or not but either way, I was commonly frustrated at Brad because he seemed to never study and would always be acing tests left and right, all the while I was burning the midnight oil studying all the time!some people just have special gifts, ah!

Brad and I had an excellent time together in electronics school and though we hadn’t seen each other in about 24 years, the love and friendship was as fresh as ever! Great to have you back in my life Brad! You are one cool Dude!

While at home, Mark Buckley, another of my favorite people came to visit Penny and I at the institute. Mark is in charge of all the revisions we are making currently to improve the C.H.E.K certification programs as well as being in charge of developing our upcoming “High-Performance” certification. Mark is one of the original core group of my students that went on to become instructors. Today, I can honestly say that Mark Buckley has become one of the very best teachers I’ve ever met!, and I’ve met a LOT of teachers in my day. Mark has an incredible ability to take complex concepts and ideas and extract the essence of them, which he then nicely packages, coupled with humor!, to share with his students worldwide.

Mark and I did some work together, which included his beautiful mandala shown here. Below

you can see mark and I working together in my garden at home in Vista. I’m teaching Mark how to read color vibrations, which he will be able to use to read a person’s energy field (look out Mark’s students! Yoda is here!). Mark’s eyes are closed so it’s easier for him to feel the inward changes created by me touching different colors and shapes on his mandala. We also worked with sound vibrations, using a variety of Tibetan bowls. We had a great time, as we always do ah Mark! Mark, like my buddy Rory Mullin (he’s been in past blogs) really likes sitting up in my loft in my library; that’s where I keep all the books on God, soul, and other books that are best viewed by people with open minds! Once these guys get up there in the loft, a time~warp always occurs; I’ve had many of those in my library, let me assure you of that!

Vidya is an astrologer as well and one night while I was home after our trip to Vancouver, the moon was full. Vidya and I went to Carlsbad state campground and hung out on the rocks at the jetty nearby as the moon came up. It’s fun for me to hang out with Vidya at night because she teaches me all about the planets and stars. If you met Vidya, you’d probably end up feeling like I do when around her and Penny because I’m constantly amazed at where these two ladies keep all the information in their heads; I’m sure if they donate their bodies to medical science they will turn out to be the first women to have a brain tucked into their tummies, hips and who knows where else!

The next evening, Vidya and I were driving down the coast highway and just as we passed the beach we were at the night before, the sun was setting so I took a picture of this amazing experience to share with you. Sometime, I’ll have to share all the interesting “Sun” experiences I’ve had in my meditations and spiritual practices! Really amazing! Too much to talk about in that regard for this blog though; did you know that the sun and moon appear to be the exact same size to the human eye because while the sun is 400 times larger than our moon, it is 400 times further away. Cool ah! I learned that studying an astronomy course.

My next event was an evening lecture at the Price-Pottenger Foundation in Lemmon Grove, Ca. Lemmon Grove is actually the place that has the most stable temperature in the world, hovering at an average temperature of 72 degrees (F). That’s probably why it considered the capitol of lemon growing, thus the name, “Lemmon Grove”.

The lecture was fun and people really seemed to genuinely enjoy my simplistic view of what health and well-being really are. I have the utmost respect for the works of Weston A. Price and Francis Marion Pottenger Sr. and Jr. and the foundation is loaded with incredible books dated prior to 1950. I love these medical and health books because back then, people weren’t so financially motivated when they did research – they were honestly after the truth! When you read the many books from this era of health and medical research, one can’t help but find themselves asking, what happened! – clearly the truth of what it takes to be healthy and vital has been known for many deck aids, yet is largely ignored!FOR PROFIT!

Between trips, one of my students hired me to create an Oracle for him, which is here. It’s really hard to actually see what’s in this Oracle when looking at it as a digital photo image, but I drew in 11 dimensions for Raphiel, all of which relate to past experiences he’s had. If you want to have some fun with me, allow yourself to look at Raphiel’s Oracle with a relaxed gaze and see where it takes you with 5-10 minutes of gazing meditation. The secret to using an Oracle like this is to not have thoughts of your own, but to let it communicate to you. While this Oracle is custom designed for Raphiel’s own needs, anytime we view a piece of art that has healing information in it for someone else, it heals us to the degree that we share the same present and past challenges. I’d love it if some of you sent me an e-mail through my site or to [email protected] (Nancy Azevedo is my assistant and she will forward the messages to me) and let me know what you experience with a little meditation on this Oracle? Have fun!

This is Alex Mackenzie, the C.H.E.K Institute’s UK distributor. Alex has been managing our UK courses for many years now and thanks to her hard work, we have a very significant number of excellent C.H.E.K Practitioners, HLC’s and Golf Biomechanics there.

Here you can see me teaching the recent HLC II course in Eastbourne, England, Alex’s territory. We had a big class of 50 in this HLC course, which is really a big HLC course for Dr. Oliver and I to teach, not to mention that quite a number of people were turned away because the course was full, which happens a lot over here in the UK – the Brits are pretty full-on when it comes to education!

This group was the best HLC II group Dr. Oliver and I ever taught. They were incredibly well prepared and easy to teach – THANK YOU GUYS! Dr. Oliver and I quickly became aware that it was the excellent teaching of one very special lady, Emma Lane that was behind these people being so well prepared; Emma taught all of them but two HLC I. Emma, you are AMAZING!

Here you can see Emma sitting in our little windbreak spot we chose for our day off at Beachy Head, in Eastbourne. Beachy Head is famous because many people come there to commit suicide; they jump off the cliffs there. This place would be a beautiful place to die, I can assure you. It’s a strange and interesting experience when there, but many people that have been there will tell you that the water seems to draw you in toward the cliffs. I just caught Emma sitting down on this steep hill here which is why her leg is still in the air but I like the picture so I’m sharing it with you here. No matter how you catch Emma, she’s cool!

Here’s Emma’s artistic rendition of our day at Beachy Head. We were both just bedazzled by the number and density of nature spirits there. If you relax your eyes as you look at Emma’s drawing, you will see “many” of them! As you can see, Emma is an excellent artist too. Everywhere I go, my friends and I really enjoy art and nature together. Thanks Emma, you are always so much fun and support for me and my work! I love you Emma!

While Emma and I were at Beachy Head, Emma caught me doing a variety of spontaneous postures and poses. It was fun because the wind is very strong at Beachy Head and the birds just hover with motionless wings, as though time had frozen. I was having a lot of fun and getting some excellent exercise by imitating the birds. The wind was so strong at times that I felt that with a descent set of wings, I too would simply “take off” and fly. I really think birds are cool. They are good to communicate with about things because they always have a great capacity to “over-view” any subject matter. grin

Here you can see me in the hills behind my house in Vista with my colleague and buddy Zelko Bozic. Zeljko is a very skilled shaman, medical intuitive and healer who’s helped many C.H.E.K Practitioners around the world over the years (learn more about Zeljko at:


Zeljko, Matthew Wallden and Duncan Reeve and I headed to the beach very close to my flat here in Eastbourne for a day of art, chanting and playing Tibetan bowls, Tai-chi, and for me, a day of exercise on the lovely rocks there. I really love big rocks. They feel so good to me. I feel the life in rocks. They are by no means dead to me; quite the contrary actually – they feel very alive!

What was really cool about this day was that the BBC Weather forecast called for 76% chance of rain and it was really beautiful with clouds and sun all day! I had an incredible day of stretching and exercising on the rocks while Zeljko and Matthew played Tibetan bowls and Duncan drew and introspected. I’m not sure if that’s an alien energy form approaching Matthew in this picture, or if Zeljko’s lens is so powerful it captured what may well be an exercise-fart that’s escaped Matthew here! Matt, what is that my Brother? Don’t worry, these photos are not of the scratch-n-sniff type so you should be fine reading this blog either way. grin

Duncan’s been one of my students for many years now and he’s always very helpful to Penny, Alex and I at all the C.H.E.K events so it was really lovely to share space with Duncan in an environment where we weren’t working and following a time schedule. Thanks Duncan! Lovely to be present with you Buddy!

Matthew is one of the C.H.E.K institute instructors. I’m sure that in due time, you’ll all end up knowing about Matthew, particularly if you are in the health and exercise industry because believe me when I tell you, this guy is a genius! You should see what comes out of this guy’s head!

Here you can see Duncan’s page as he’s working on his art. His theme for the day was “Forgiveness”, as you can see here. I’d never really seen Duncan’s art before today but I was really impressed. This boy goes deep! UK Ladies, if you are looking for a lovely man with a real heart, Duncan’s your man! Duncan, I’ll take a small finder’s fee for each lady that contacts you and loves you after reading my blog, OK?

Well, that’s brings you up to date with Paul Chek!

As always, I’ve been living my life to the fullest! Be SURE of that!

I’m really excited that my new multi-media ebook is out now and look forward to hearing from any of you that read it and wishes to share your thoughts and feelings with me about it. Personally, I think it’s as good as my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! But hey, ask any mother and they will always tell you their child is beautiful, regardless of what the kid really looks like so please feel free to let me know what you think. I can only assure you all that what I put in the book is both true, and it works because I LIVE IT!

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek