September 5, 2007

July ~ August 2007


Well, I’ve got a LOT to share with you since we last visited. My life is a reflection of Wu-Chi; Absolutely Full, while at one-and-the-same-time, be-ing Absolutely Empty in the most beautiful of ways too!

In this blog, I’ll be sharing the following with you:

  1. The release of my new multi-media ebook.
  2. My TOP movie recommendation for this month!
  3. My trip to San Francisco and back in my new car! I’ll introduce you to one of my favorite people in the world, Vidya McNeill; she’s also a new PPS Success Mastery Program Mentor!
  4. I’ll share some highlights of my P~P~S counseling and show you some of the Healing Oracles I’ve produced for my patients and clients to facilitate their healing process.
  5. I’ll share a therapy session with one of my paraplegic clients and let you see some of the work I do that most people have little knowledge of because it’s too complex to teach within the structure of my current programming at the C.H.E.K Institute.
  6. I’ll share a number of the recent art pieces I’ve done since my last blog edition and share a little about each piece.
  7. You can see me getting awarded Specialty Presenter of the Year at the Can Fit Pro conference in Toronto. You can also see a couple of my buddies in Toronto too.

The Last 4 Doctors!

Here’s the cover of my new book. It is a multi-media ebook and it contains audio, video and a short slide show or two as well. This book covers the absolute essentials of what it takes to get healthy or achieve optimal performance for any athlete.

If you would like to be notified of the release of the book, which should be out any day now, please put your name on our mailing list at the P~P~S Success Mastery Center by clicking here.

My Top Movie Pick For August!
ZeitGeist is a VERY important move for everyone to watch! This movie beautifully explains the actual meaning of many of the Biblical mythologies that are soooo commonly taken “literally” by those poor Christians that have not yet become brave enough to investigate their favorite book to see what it truly means. When people enter into religions that masquerade as vehicles of spiritual development, yet serve only to trap you by planting mind viruses that serve to take your mind over, the world becomes progressively more and more challenged to find the true meaning of religion in the first place. There is an old saying that says, the Devil always hides where you least expect to find him, and ZeitGeist is a movie that will give you a grand opportunity to see the truth of that!

ZeitGeist also explains the truth about 911, the military industrial complex and why wars are started and perpetuated, as well as beautifully explaining that our financial system is but a paper boat! Consider for example, that approximately 95% of Americans are literally one pay check from bankruptcy right now! People are being programmed to spend money they don’t have, which puts the whole nation in debt, resulting in the private bankers lending the US more money at an interest, and all the while, here you are thinking that our “Federal Reserve” is, well,  “ours”!It isn’t! It’s own by a few private, stinking, filthy rich people that have “ZERO” concern for your well-being, other than that they need you just alive enough to keep making them more money! This movie is a MUCH NEEDED wake up call and encapsulates many very important issues in one great movie.

Watching this movie really reminded me of how my life’s work teaching the C.H.E.K Principles is so critical to our survival in the future; we won’t have a future of we don’t start farming, eating and living intelligently NOW. Sorry to be so blunt, but there is not time for pussy-footing around when the handwriting is not only on the wall,!the airplanes are on the wall too! Folks, it’s time to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! or we won’t have the energy to take our rights back.

You can watch this movie here.

Off To San Francisco In My New Car!

Well, I finally did it!I purchased a new car! Many of you know I’ve been driving my 1989 Ford Mustang since I purchased it early in 1989. I just couldn’t justify a car payment when I only live 2.5 miles from work, yet, she started getting really tired.

The car I really wanted was the BMW M5 or the Audi SR4 wagon, but either of them would be serving my ego and contributing too much emission to the atmosphere to meet my core values, let alone Penny’s!

One day while driving home, my mustang died in the middle of the road. I talked nicely to it and it started up. I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. The next morning on the way to work, I got stuck at a light because it wouldn’t go into gear and I had to massage the tranny to get her engaged! Later that morning, I was working out in the gym and I happened to look out the bay door at my mustang and in my third eye, I saw a new, C.H.E.K Institute blue Audi sitting there. To me, that was a sign that it was time to go car shopping so I had my assistant Nancy find the closest Audi dealer and off I went that morning. When I got there, the only blue car on the lot was the beautiful Audi A3 you see here.

The sales team informed me that this was by far the best car for the dollar on their lot and I was amazed to see that it gets 32 MPG on the highway, yet!.produces 200 Hp from a 2 liter turbo charged engine. I thought, well, let’s just see if this is a toad or a princess?? The salesman was about 6’6 weighing in about 350 pounds and the little car sagged when he got in the drivers seat.

I said to him, “Now, don’t expect me to buy this car if you don’t show me what it does!” He smiled with an evil grin as we sat at our first red light. When the light turned green, he punched it and I’ll be dammed if that little car didn’t just smoke the wheels off – and – she caught some very respectable second gear rubber with he and I in tow! This little car is built on a rally car model as a “sport wagon” and let me tell you, this car is amazing. Performance and handling are awesome, as well as gas mileage! On my trip to SF, I had the car fully loaded and she handled like a dream. One night, LATE! I was coming home from a meeting and the highway was empty so I put my foot into this little Princess and she easily hit 140 miles per hour and was still climbing fast, in fact, faster than my mustang ever did brand new with a 5 liter engine! I was so surprised I called the dealer for the factory specs and they informed me that the car will do 160 before the onboard computer shuts her down. Gimminy Christmas I thought. What a great car for so reasonable a price too. LOVE IT! I must thank my lovely wife, Penny for encouraging me to hold out on the car until I found one that met my performance and ecological needs. “Thanks Babe! – You are so Cool!”

My friend Vidya McNeill and I actually went to San Francisco with the intention of seeing Pema Chodron, but when we got to the conference, we found ourselves sitting in a large room full of people whose energy was pulling on us. The topic was the practice of non-violence in violent times. While I thought this three day meditation/workshop would be a good chance to be with Pema Chodcron, I found myself feeling pulled into thinking about all the violence in the world instead of spending my time cultivating inner peace and tranquility that I can use to shift the energy. When we think about something, we energize that reality. For example, if you go to an anti-war rally, you are generating anti-war energy and since any idea in space can only exist because its relative antagonist exists, talking for hours about war as an anti-war movement energetically serves to give war a reason to exist.  Having just finished a lot of lecturing and work, I really needed a rest so I proposed to Vidya that we spend the time in SF doing our own inner exploration through our artwork, exercise, good food and being present with nature. She agreed. Vidya is a very skilled psychologist, an artist, a visionary, Vedic healer and business consultant; from her perspective, she too felt that the energy being crated in the room was not healing for us and thankfully, she was happy about my suggestion to create love within instead of polarity within and without in the name of non-violence.

We spent the next day and a half in San Rafael enjoying the hills, views, working out and eating good food before heading to Big Sur. We both really looked forward to the drive down the coastline because it is so beautiful. Here, you can see me looking out over the coastline in the morning.

Big Sur

As the morning fog burns off, the sunlight illuminates the water molecules in the atmosphere resulting in a stunning array of colors emanating from the fog and water surface. On our way home, we stopped to look at the Elephant Seals.

Elephant Seals

And I managed to catch a photo of this hawk showing off for us!

Showing off!

While we were in Big Sur and along the way home, we went out into nature every day and did artwork together. I love watching Vidya express herself artistically because she is so incredibly yin in her expression. Her lines have beautiful, natural curves and flows to them. Here you can see her drawing a scene out in the forest of Big Sur.

Drawing Big Sur

We were sitting across the river from a couple’s home and when they came home, we were so close to them we felt maybe our presence across the creek may be invasive to them so we went back to our cabin to continue drawing there and give them their privacy. It was kind of funny because we hiked into this little spot as we looked for a place to draw that felt right and we had to go a good way without a trail. By the time we left, it was getting dark and we were having a hard time seeing our way clearly and were tripping and falling all over with all our art supplies, mats, food, water and the likes.  We were giggling because the purpose of leaving was to quietly give the people at the house privacy and as we left, it sounded like a couple of bull elephants making their way through the forest. All we could do is laugh and giggle at the whole event. We got back to the cabin with plenty of cuts and scrapes on our feet and legs to remind us of the event!

On the way back to the cabin, we walked through another campground that had these beautiful redwoods in it.

Big Sur Redwoods

The energy coming off of them was tremendous. I looked at them in awe and couldn’t help but flashback to my years as a young man working in a logging camp in British Columbia; I was a faller who cut down thousands of beautiful old growth trees; I was saddened by my own ignorance, yet compassionate for myself for being truly ignorant to the magnitude of what I was doing by cutting down the very beings that feed us with oxygen and so beautifully support all life on this planet! Oh well, I’m living and learning to love along the way!

A Pit Stop In LA

On the way home, we stopped in LA to visit one of my buddies, Jae Sabol. Jae is a C.H.E.K Level IV and is a very cool guy; very smart and fun to be around. Jae is a bow hunter and he took Vidya and I out to the  LA forest to hike in the area he hunts. On the way, we stopped at a coffee shop for an espresso and I whipped out one of my art books and some color pencils and Vidya, Jae and I drew this image that you see the two of them showing you while I shoot the photo.

Jae & Vidya

While we were out in the woods, we found a beautiful spot next to a creek and set our mats out and relaxed for a while. Jae doesn’t know this yet, but I took this shot of him resting.

Jae at rest

Jae is funny because when he puts his mind to anything, he does it well. As I saw him relaxing out in the woods, it dawned on me that in all the years he spent as my student, I’d only ever seen him work, work, work, yet, here he was showing me that he could rest as well as he can work. Congratulations Jae! You really do walk the talk Buddy! Thanks for a GREAT day in the forest too.

P~P~S Workshops At The C.H.E.K Institute In Vista, Ca

The day after I arrived home, my P~P~S workshops began. We had a small but very functional group of really motivated, loving people that were really willing to do the work to grow with me.

Memes Workshop

Here you can see me teaching the second workshop, which is based on Lesson 2. Lesson 2 focuses primarily on self-management, but the majority of self management is learning to effectively manage your own mind! The study of memes and values memes is essentially the study of how we accept ideas and allow ourselves to be programmed by our parents, chosen influences and culture at large. Sadly, I spend a LOT of time helping people recover from the insults of the mind viruses they acquire from religion; Abrahamic religions create tremendous conflict in the subscriber’s inner-being, which frequently manifests as disease. To bring people back in to body-mind-Soul alignment, I must teach them how to reprogram their brains with new, more empowering memes. This is what OSHO was a master at and that is why the Vatican had him kicked out of 23 countries! “I LOVE YOU OSHO!” Such beauty and honesty he shared with humanity!

At the P~P~S Workshops, I teach my students various forms of chi cultivating and active meditation techniques. This is a very important way to start the day because you can bring yourself into stillness; in stillness, one can cultivate incredible amounts of energy and mental clarity, yet our society has so programmed us to be in the rat race all the time; people now pack stuff away that they don’t need, eat garbage, and runaround ceaselessly as though they were trapped rats. I take each opportunity I can to show my students and patients how to slow the mind and learn to manage it so it isn’t managing them! People commonly complain about how hard they find meditation, yet I tell them that the harder meditation is the more they need it!

Working With Clients At The Institute

Once my P~P~S workshops were finished, I returned to seeing clients. Here you can see working with Nate Ladendorph.

Assessing Nate Ladendorf

Nate was in a very bad car accident and when the truck rolled, the roof caved in on his head and tore his spinal cord at the junction of the cervical and thoracic spines, leaving him a paraplegic. Nate was referred to me by famous skate board star Danny Way, who is someone I’d already rehabilitated from a similar spinal cord injury. What you see me doing with Nate here is activating his muscles above the injury and feeling his muscles, etheric, astral and mental energy fields to see where the energy is and isn’t getting  down through the different layers of Nate’s energetic reality he know of as “Nate”. I found that his mental, astral and etheric bodies were intact, but that his physical body was essentially torn away from the etheric body at the point of injury and below. After making my assessment and developing a program of exercise, diet and lifestyle management for him and getting him through P~P~S Lessons 1 and 2, I turned him over to my assistant “Josh Ruben” and my assistant “Nancy Azevedo”. Josh an Instructor and Practitioner here at the institute and Nancy practices Healing Touch and other energy therapies that help my clients.

Nate, Paul & Josh

In this picture I’m  teaching Josh how to perform acupuncture in the etheric body. I also taught him, JP and my buddy Rory Mullin how to use a carrot to use the sun’s energy to dissolve scar tissue and repair the connections between the physical and etheric bodies. They were all pretty blown away at how powerful a carrot is! I emphasized to them all, this is yet another reason why I’m so concerned that society is getting lost in the illusion of drugs as medicine!

As part of Nate’s Healing, I designed a healing Oracle for him.

Nate's Oracle

When I produce a healing oracle, it is a tool designed to use color vibration, shape and form to access both your subconscious and super-conscious mind. The subconscious mind is the storehouse of your biological history, within which, all the knowledge of your bodily or biological intelligence resides; think of this like breathing, digesting and circulating blood and nutrients through your body, all of which is managed by your subconscious. The super-conscious aspects of mind are accessed via the healing oracle via the specific design of it, which includes the colors used, the shapes, the forms and the way they are integrated as a whole – a working instrument. With my oracles, I suggest meditations that include the oracle, as well as blessings designed to reduce the psychological or psychic burdens that are often connected to the disease process, pathology or injury. I design each oracle by reading your energy field as well as carefully considering your past, present, and work with you to get clear on the intention you hold for your future.

In Nate’s case, his spinal cord has been torn and then scar tissues formed, which blocks neural transmission. Typically, when this happens, the physicians tell patients that they will never walk again and they will just have to learn to adapt. To the degree that any individual believes that, they limit their chances of healing to the degree that they buy into the prescription; this is why getting a diagnosis from a doctor, particularly when the diagnosis may not be accurate, can be very limiting due to the psychic implications. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t’ see a doctor. I’m just suggesting that if you are going to go to a doctor, you should start by finding one that is at least healthier than you and at least as open minded as you are or you are very likely to get a viewpoint from someone that has made a life of justifying illness and a normal part of life; not to mention the money being made from supporting such illness behavior!

P~P~S Counseling

While at home and often on the road as well, I accept clients that need my support to find and or fulfill their life legacy. I work with them individually to create alignment of their body, mind and soul so that they may create more effectively. Here, you can see me and my assistant Nancy Azevedo working with Ximena Gonzalez. Ximena is starting a new business in Miami and we were doing some fine tuning to assist her in keeping her energy more streamlined so she can become even more powerful at both creating and managing her creations. To aid Ximena in her P~P~S development, I created a healing oracle for her too, which you can see in the background behind her.

Me, Ximena & Nancy

You are amazing Ximena and I appreciate your ongoing support of the C.H.E.K Principles out in the public at large. You are Amazing!

I also did some work with a good friend and P~P~S student, Rhonda Fuller. Here you can see Rhonda’s oracle.

Rhonda's Oracle

I designed it to assist her to create and channel her spiritual energy in a time of transition in her life. Through my spiritual vision as I looked into Rhonda, I saw a Diving flame burning with energy and love, out of which a beautiful rose had formed and was just now beginning to open. I saw the love of another near her, which manifested in my inner vision as a bee buzzing around the rose, wanting to love it; bees serve as sex organs for plants you know Smiley. I taught Rhonda how to use the oracle and she’s been very happy and surprised to experience the very changes I expressed as realities from my perspective as a coach to her. Thanks for being so brave as to truly open your flower and become Rhonda! I love you!

On The Road Again!
Next, I began teaching a series of seminars through Fitness Resources on infant development. This series took me first to San Francisco, then Seattle, then to Tampa, then to New York. From New York, we flew to Toronto where I gave six lectures at Canada’s largest health and fitness conference, Can Fit Pro.

Below, you can see the students at New York listening acutely.

Can Fit NYC

I was really impressed with the NY crowd this trip. Often when lecturing in NY, I feel like I’m talking to a group of severe ADD cases, but for the last two trips I’ve had a much better quality of student arriving !Thank You NY!

On this trip, James Crozier and his assistant Mike Battaglia followed me to each city to offer my students a chance to participate in the amazing new business management system; here you see Mike watching as I teach people how to use infant development techniques to restore optimal posture and movement skills in adults.

Mike Battaglia watching

Penny and I have worked with James Crozier and his partners to develop a means of better organizing information, tests, exercises, programs, marketing and business strategies (such as scheduling and other management tools) for C.H.E.K Practitioners and other health and exercise professionals. If you want to see this amazing offering, please visit I think you’ll be impressed!

I Am Awarded Specialty Presenter of the Year at Can Fit ProSpecialty Presenter of 2007

What a lovely surprise to be nominated Specialty Presenter of the Year by the delegates of Can Fit Pro. Here you see me getting an award in front of somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 delegates at the conference. This makes my sixth speaking award in my career. While I’m not motivated by rewards, it does make me feel good to know that my students feel my educational offering is valuable to them. This helps me stay motivated on the days traveling and hectic schedules can start to weigh a little heavy on me. While I’m highly motivated and accept full responsibility for my creations, as you can imagine, being on the road eight months a year and running multiple business and seeing patients to boot can certainly offer me an opportunity to test my own living philosophy. Proudly, I’ve not missed a day of work in 24 years and I’m still deeply in love with my wife Penny. She should write a book about how to love and care for a man but she is fully committed to running the institute, which she feels is most important right now.

While at Can Fit Pro, I was told that as far as they could tell, I had set the record for the largest turnout for a single presenter’s session.

Biggest crowd yet!

Here you can see the people coming in to my lecture titled Eat, Move and Be Healthy – A Spiritual Companion. When everyone was in, we had something along the lines of 550 people in my session, which got so big they moved me into the main event hall. Cool ah!

Rory, Donna, Paul, Janice & Phil

In this photo from the left is Rory, Donna, me Janice and Phil. Rory is therapist for the Toronto Raptors and when I’m in Toronto, we train at their facility. While I lifted weights, Rory and Donna played a game of basketball against Phil and Janice and it went to the wire! I enjoyed watching them play on my rest periods. It’s so beautiful to have friends that don’t need anything from you that just love and enjoy your company and vice versa. Thanks Guys! I feel so nourished when I’m with you and you always make my trips to Toronto so “exciting!”

Art and Photos

As Above ~ So Below
As Above, So Below

I took this photo while Vidya was drawing. We were beside a lovely creek bed in Big Sur. The image is a beautiful example of the love of water; it reflects back to us what we are; it is unconditional in its love for us. The image is also a beautiful representation of the spiritual principle of As Above ~ So Below.

Ashley’s Healing Oracle
Ashley's Oracle

This is a healing oracle I did for Ashley. This one isn’t designed to heal Ashley from any kind of medical condition. It is designed to support her body~mind~soul alignment, aiding her in focusing her energy. It is also to remind her how beautiful and amazing a human being she is so that when there are challenging days, she can gain inspiration from her oracle.

You are Amazing Ashley!

Vidya’s Flower
Vidya's Flower

Here you can get sense of just how beautiful Vidya’s art is. I’m so blessed to have you in my life Vidya! You are the true exemplification of a Silent Lover ~ Silent Teacher! Thank you for seeing the beauty in me and allowing me to be present with you and share space with you. You enrich my life in many ways dear.

Vidya’s Uroboros
Vidya’s Uroboros

Here Vidya beautifully depicts the meaning of the uroboros, which is the snake that eats its own tale. This is an image that represents life and mind. In mind is the seed of any idea that we can experience as real in our lives. If the snake eats its own tale faster than it can regenerate it, life ceases to exist. I really wish people would meditate on that a little each day!

Uroboros by Vidya and Paul
Uroboros by Vidya and Paul

Here you see the uroboros as drawn by Vidya and I together. You can see that Vidya drew the Primordial Snake (called the Dragon sometimes) in the form of the infinity sign. This was fun to do with Vidya!

Paul Before Lecturing
Paul before lecturing

I use art as an antenna to tune into the experience I intend to have and share with my students. This is my morning intention setting exercise depicted artistically.

Love Bird
Love Bird

I drew this bird because in my meditation, it appeared to me and asked if I could give it a body and a home. It was from another time on earth and could not find a home because it didn’t want to be any other form of bird, nor could it find an environment like it once lived in. Therefore, I drew it and drew its new home. This can be done because art, which uses color and matter as medium, creates both vibration and attraction, therefore, each piece of art is essentially “real”, as real as you or I. Anyone with a tuned chakra system can tell you all sorts of things about the art, the artist, the intention and the effect on anyone viewing a given art piece too. I really enjoyed having an opportunity to create a new home for this lost spirit~soul from another point in the linear time~space sequence.


This is a picture of what space looks like when viewed through my third eye. It is one of Penny’s favorites, which makes me happy.

Universe To Earth To Universe
Earth to Universe

This one is what I see when I perform remote viewing on planet earth from outer space. Remote viewing is a technique that about 6% of human beings can do. I’m one of them. I detach my consciousness from my body and through the zero point field (space), I can migrate my vision to any time~space location and see what is there. I often use this technique to come visit my plants when I’m on the road. I also use it to check in on people when I’m feeling that they may need my help. I actually won the grand prize at the Living The Field conference a few years ago where a remote viewing instructor from the CIA did a training program for about 750 of us. It was a bit of a surprise for my friends Matthew and Emma, who previously didn’t realize I could do this Smiley !.now you do know!

We Are Each Other
We Are Each Other

I spent a day with seven of my friends in the park in Toronto while recovering from traveling. I did some healing work with a few of them and before I do that kind of work, I commonly create an oracle to attract the right energy to match my intentions. This oracle shows that we are all represented not only in each other, but that the entire animal kingdom lives in and around us. The bird is a symbol that represents my function as a Medicine Man, who has the ability to travel into other dimensions of reality, such as past lives, to gather necessary information to assist in what is often called soul retrieval or soul recovery. If you want to have some fun, put your left hand up to your computer screen and feel the energy coming off the image. Then, using your most sensitive finger, try to “feel” where you are on the oracle. Once there, meditate on that particular face or image and hold the thought, “I’m willing to receive any messages you have for me” and you may find a distinct message being channeled to you from your Higher-Self. Enjoy!

Thanks Phil, Donna, Rory, Justin, Josh Kerry and Kerry for a lovely day!

Wu-Chi to Tai-chi
Wu-Chi to Tai-chi

This is another one Vidya and I did recently. This is a picture that shows how Wu-chi, which is the Absolute or Divine Reality becomes tai-chi; said another way, this is how No-thing becomes some-thing. The some-thing is also what you know of as “mind”. I show my students how mind is essentially the grand illusion, which is why it is referred to as maya in the Hindu religious systems at large; they have had the time to investigate the depths of the spirit~soul reality far deeper than the westerners at large have because in the west!we are both trapped in, and masters at creating our own illusions! Ala “Hollywood!”!

I send you my Love and Chi,

Paul Chek