September 14, 2023

Power Animals and Spirit Guides With Nicholas Brink

Nicholas BrinkSix years ago, my team and I produced a 90-minute-plus video describing what power animals and spirit guides are in connection with classes Angie and I have taught since that time.

Even today, I encounter plenty of pushback from new clients who believe power animals and spirit guides are make-believe when I approach the subject with them.

When asked, however, not a one of them ever had any problems identifying their own power animal when I took them through the process…

For some more perspective on what power animals and spirit guides are all about, I felt it was time to explore this topic on a recent Living 4D podcast with noted author and retired psychologist Nicholas Brink.

In this week’s blog/vlog, Nicholas shares his power animals/spirit guides with me, and how some of them gave him the courage, strength and nurturing to overcome prostate cancer.


Love and chi,