December 21, 2017

My New Power Animal and Spirit Guide Workshop

I am very excited to announce my newest workshop, Discover Your Power Animals and Spirit Guides, which I will be presenting in Carlsbad, Calif., Saturday Feb. 3, 2018.

The following day, Sunday Feb. 4, Angie will be presenting her workshop, Connection to the Nature Spirit World.

This is a topic I have wanted to share with people for a while now, and one I am very interested and passionate about. So it is with great pleasure that I invite you to join us for both workshops, and open yourself to the Universe of wisdom and guidance within. For more details, please click here.

What Are Power Animals and Spirit Guides?

Power animals and spirit guides may seem like pretty far out concepts for those who have not experienced them directly. In actuality, they really aren’t that mysterious!

Power animals and spirit guides are ways of relating to nature and higher consciousness, and are archetypes or original concepts. Historical evidence suggests that human beings have been engaging power animals and spirit guides since shamanism, mythology and religion began.

The Persian poet Rumi says, God sleeps in the minerals, dreams in the plants, moves in the animals, and realizes himself in man. Cats, dogs and other animals are often spooked by entities sometimes referred to as ghosts, so why should humans be unable to connect to conscious entities existing outside the sphere of our ordinary senses?

When you consider our DNA has been shown to have marked similarities with lower creatures like flies and earthworms, as well as plants, trees and much more, it is possible for us to be capable of communicating with the consciousness of the earth, plants or other animal spirit-souls.

Spirit is the animating principle. Soul is the conscious element which feels and knows within each living being.

I have also created a free introductory lesson to explain Power Animals and Spirit Guides in more depth, and to give you an overview of the workshops and accompanying online lessons.


For those of you who join us for one or both of the workshops, you will also get access to four more online lessons that I have created, as part of your registration:

Lesson 1

  • Exploring how consciousness expresses itself in and Creation as a basis for understanding what Power Animals and Spirit Guides are, and how we can access them. Understanding the difference between consciousness and “conscious of.”

Lesson 2

  • Discussing an overview of the dimensions of consciousness and The Three Worlds in shamanism and other traditions.

Lesson 3

  • Understanding the psyche as essential to understanding how we can experience and work with Power Animals and Spirit Guides.

Lesson 4

  • Looking at the variety of ways the human psyche can interact with power animals and spirit guides for healing and spiritual development.

These by themselves are worth the price of the workshop registration. When you add the practical exploration you’ll experience at the live event, I hope you’ll be booking your hotel and travel reservations as soon as possible!

Until next time…

Love and chi,